Author Topic: Research on Side Hustles (Possibly Based in a Hobby)  (Read 312 times)


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Research on Side Hustles (Possibly Based in a Hobby)
« on: September 24, 2020, 11:10:03 AM »
I am trying to get in contact with people who work several jobs of which one is based on a hobby. We—a group of researchers at the University of Oregon—want to understand the unique experiences of those people and their rich working lives.

The purpose of this study is to better understand how people experience working both a “primary” full-time job and a “hobby” job. For example, a person might have a primary job as an accountant at a company and a hobby job as a soccer referee in the evening and on weekends. We are interested in understanding the characteristics of both of these jobs and the impact on emotions, attitudes, and behaviors.

For this study, we are looking specifically for people who work a “hobby” job for which they receive some money in addition to other work engagements. The study will involve completing 3 short (about 15 minutes each) surveys about a three weeks apart each. Our participants must also be willing to ask a coworker at their primary job to participate in one short study on their behalf. We reward each participant with a $15 Amazon or Starbucks gift card for completing three short surveys and asking a coworker at your primary job to complete a short survey. Coworkers will receive a $5 gift card for participating.

If you have a hobby job, we would be delighted if you registered for our study (click here: Please notice that your participation is completely voluntary and you can end participation at any point. If your side hustle is not based on a hobby or you don't have a traditional primary job, never mind—we have a different study about the experience of people working in multiple areas and the above survey link will get you there too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at the below address. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sophie Pychlau
Department of Management
Lundquist College of Business
University of Oregon
spychlau at uoregon dot edu