Which health sharing ministry did you choose?

Samaritan Ministries
1 (100%)
Christian Healthcare Ministries
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
Liberty Health Share
0 (0%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 1

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<ignore> - please remove...forums acting wonky temporarily
« on: November 03, 2017, 07:20:38 AM »
After debating for years, I think I'm ready to switch to the health sharing model.  I know this has been discussed at length, but I'd like a statistical breakdown on which options are most popular among Mustachians.  From what I've gathered reading threads in the past is that people who made the switch are super happy, and everyone else looking in thinks it's nuts.  I think I have a pretty good handle on pros / cons, so I'm not super interested in rehashing that conversation.  If anyone is super passionate about why they chose a particular option, that would be helpful too.  I'm getting closer to choosing between Samaritan and Medi-Share.  I have connections at Samaritan so there's more familiarity and trust there, but I like the automated nature of medi-share with their automatic bill negotiation, monthly payments, and medical bills submitted electronically.  Although I can appreciate the human element of sending money directly to other members with a note of encouragement.
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