Author Topic: Should I transfer Scottrade accounts over to Vanguard?  (Read 945 times)


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Should I transfer Scottrade accounts over to Vanguard?
« on: January 16, 2017, 11:51:19 AM »
I have $60k in a roth IRA and $3k in an ESA with Scottrade. 95% of my investments are in Vanguard index funds. I've had no trouble/issues with Scottrade and they've been very helpful whenever I needed to contact their customer service. Not too much emotional attachment but I have been with them since I was 16.

Are there any advantages to switching over to Vanguard? Looks like it'll be free to buy shares but I do it so infrequently (1-4 times a year) that it's not a concern.

I've done some Googling and it sounds like a straightforward process as Vanguard can do it all online from their end.

Just seeing if others have been in the same boat and what your recommendations are. The biggest hindrance to the transfer is my reluctance to change, everything is going smoothly...