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Interior paint quote questions
« on: April 22, 2016, 08:24:13 PM »
Ok, so this should maybe be in the antimustachian wall of shame category, because it looks like we will be hiring someone else to paint the interior of our house, but I was hoping that some people with painting and/or interior design knowledge would be kind enough to chime in.

We have larger home, 3k+ sq. ft, that is ~15 years old and has had little to no interior painting done since the build. We just received a quote from a reputable, local, family business for $5k to put on 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Ultra spec paint. I've had some sticker shock, but I keep asking myself if I would be willing to spend the time painting vs. working and I'm leaning towards hiring the job out. This would include prep, some priming, and minor wall repairs.

I do have a few questions:
1.) Is 5k unreasonable to paint the interior of a larger home? We have lots of wood trim, and as they referred to it the, "great room" is two stories that would require scaffolding. The Loft overlooking said room would also be a huge PITA as I am not a fan of heights.

2.) Is Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 a quality paint? I've done some reading and can't get a firm consensus. I feel like if we are going to pay to have it done, I want to use a high quality product.

--A big bonus of hiring the job out is that they could do it over a long weekend when we are out of town. We have big dogs and I've never painted anything with them around....worried I would come out with a blue German Shepherd :)
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