Author Topic: Expensive Hobbies  (Read 4046 times)


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Re: Expensive Hobbies
« Reply #50 on: September 14, 2020, 07:28:02 PM »
Children - most expensive hobby ever.

Especially if they take up Irish/Scottish dancing or hockey.  Get them into soccer.  And martial arts (semi expensive).


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Re: Expensive Hobbies
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I guess crafting is the most expensive one. I'm not a person with a massive stash, I actually wear the clothes I make, and crafts that look expensive can turn out to be a really cost- effective, like a 50 embroidery kit that takes 200 hours to stitch. What makes it expensive for me is that I take a lot of classes, most for sewing and pattern drafting but some others as well. I pay to learn from the best because the others don't have much left to teach me after 25 years. At an average cost of 90/month crafting is my biggest expense after mortgage/bills/food/health insurance.