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The Circle of Death
« on: February 08, 2013, 07:02:34 AM »
It has been said that fear stops us from truly enjoying life and all that it has to offer. And if it hasn’t been said, well, it has now.  Fear keeps our heads in the future and not dancing around in the joys of day to day living. Fear stops us from being creative physically and makes us well…pretty boring at times. Fear keeps us towing the line even if the line is being dragged in the wrong direction.

Most kids run, jump, dance, climb, roll, cartwheel and hop at the drop of a hat. They use the items in their immediate environment to create games. They flex their creative muscle without giving any thought to it and can enjoy a healthy and fun existence effortlessly. They don’t need to buy anything to have fun , they simply invest time.

Adults on the other hand gravitate towards structure and guidelines and expert advice and uniformity and gym fees and all that kind of crap. We often try to package life down into discernible chunks of time or activity. We constantly try to keep all the balls in the air without ever physically enjoying the thrill of actual juggling. We watch the clock, on our phone. We put on different clothes for different tasks and then wash them within an inch of their life.

Life can become a little too safe at times as an adult. This can place an unnecessary cap on our enjoyment and severely limit our opportunities for playful exercise. If we can just enjoy the wisdom and freedom of adulthood without losing the thrill of childhood then we would be a lot healthier as a result.

So yeah, act your age, but exercise like a kid.

The 'Circle of Death' showcases the impact that this philosophy can have on your exercise.