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Title: Selling CDs/DVDs
Post by: intellectsucks on June 10, 2017, 09:23:20 AM
So I have a pretty large CD collection (about 300) and a smaller collection of DVDs (maybe 30 or so) that Iím looking to sell, in a relatively short period of time (within the next month or two).  What do you recommend to get rid of them in that time frame while balancing these three concerns: profit, ease of sale, how quickly to sell them (the quicker the better).
Title: Re: Selling CDs/DVDs
Post by: RobFIRE on June 11, 2017, 03:12:26 AM
In the UK there is a service called Music Magpie, they buy your CDs/DVDs in bulk (there is a smartphone app for you to scan the barcodes and create an online order) and you post them in bulk. So it's quick and I believe they pretty much buy any CD or DVD. However, for most items they will only pay something like 25 pence an item.

What I might do, as it will not be worth the time to try to sell many items individually, is scan them all with a bulk service like that. Then if any show up as having reasonable value I'd look at selling those individually. The rest I would just sell to a bulk service. The majority of CDs and DVDs that are a few years old are effectively worthless, so there's not much else you can do I think other than donating them.
Title: Re: Selling CDs/DVDs
Post by: Raenia on June 11, 2017, 08:07:56 AM
I recently had good luck selling a batch of DVD's to FYE - if you don't have a store near you they also have a mail-in option.  When I priced out some CD's that I also wanted to sell, every service I tried was offering pennies per disk, not even worth the shipping, so those I just donated.