Author Topic: Potential Money Saving Ideas  (Read 8961 times)


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Potential Money Saving Ideas
« on: January 14, 2013, 06:26:23 PM »
I know must of you are way ahead of me in the saving category however I have realized a lot of people skip over some basic ways to save.  Many major corporations have cut deals with other major corporations for their employees to use. Most people at my work have never heard of this. Just by asking around you could easily save a few hundred dollars or more just based on where you work purchasing stuff you already use.

For example:

I receive a 28% discount on my phone bill (I know it still doesn't come close to the $10/mth MMM has recommended but it its worth looking into if you just signed a new 2-3 year contract)
Discounts are also available for groceries and fuel.

My electric company also offers discounts for things I buy already.

Just a reminder for everyone to give it a look!

Ya never know what you might find!