Author Topic: Parallels between Spending Less/ Earning More & Eating Less/ Exercising More?  (Read 1836 times)


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I had a random thought cross my mind today- is there a parallel between spending less and eating less vs. earning and exercising more?

For your finances, the number that matters is your savings rate. You can increase your savings rate by either by spending less or earning more. For your weight, the number that matters is the difference between calorie in vs. calorie out. You can decrease your weight by either eating less or exercising more.

A lot of people think they can "out-exercise" a bad diet, or "out-earn" poor spending control, but there's always more ways to pile on the calories or expenditures. A lot of other people only focus on eating as little as possible or spending as little as possible, but it becomes increasingly hard because you can't really get to zero. Thus, where does that balance lie?

What do you guys think? Which part of the equation are you guys focused on right now? For me I'm more focused on spending less and eating less right now.


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In both I tend towards the 'Why Not Both?' method. I feel that earning high and exercising a lot give you some pad for screwing up or alternately maximizing results if you really have your shit together.

Fwiw both are easier when you're single and only have yourself to worry about. ;)


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Yep, why not both? Also, I wonder if people who have the discipline to do one (either food/exercise or spending/earning) are better at doing the other. Or maybe one goal overpowers the other, as in "Hey, Twinkies are on sale! Time to stock up!"


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Love it.

I'm working on losing some weight right now and I'm trying to focus on moderation on both dimensions. Trying to get more active, but in a sustainable, life-centered (as opposed to "exercise-centered) way. Trying to eat reasonable amounts of good food, not counting calories or denying myself anything, just trying to eat reasonable portions and not gorge myself.

I'd say this lines up perfectly with my financial life. I've worked to increase my income, but without burning out or doing anything that would make me miserable. And with spending I don't waste money, but don't deny myself either. It's all about sustainability and not wasting.


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It's all about balance. I cycle fairly competitively so calorie control is important to keep my weight as low as possible, but not to the detriment of training and racing. I view finances the same way, I could spend less on certain products but I would not appreciate them as much.