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Making cheap CBD oil...
« on: July 29, 2018, 08:26:34 PM »
For those of you who enjoy the benefits of CBD's, but hate the cost of buying oils/tinctures, etc, try making your own for a LOT less.  Although you can use a high grade, nearly pure ethanol (Everclear) to make a tincture, I like using coconut oil infused with plant material.  For very good hemp for a very reasonable cost, I go with Tweedle Farms and use their trim/shake:

Use coupon code:  MJGEEKS for 10% off.  Saw where "MAKEUP" is supposed to be 25% off, but I never tried it.  They have been absolutely top flight in all regards, and I can't see using anyone else.

I decarboxylate (bake) the hemp in a well calibrated oven; 230 degrees Fahrenheit/110 C for 50 minutes in a well sealed jellyroll pan, or sealed in foil, then allow to fully cool to keep in all of the good terpenes.  This step activates the CBD-A, to CBD.  Note that this step can produce very pungent odors, and smells like straight up weed.  The amounts I use are about 30-40 grams of hemp, to about 2-2 1/2 cups (5-600ml or so) of oil.  It all depends on how strong you want it, and since you will know the percentage of CBD in the hemp, figuring this out is pretty easy to get how many mg of CBD there is per ml of finished oil.   

After baking, the hemp now will be a golden olive green color, and very brittle.  I crush it up with my hands into a large bowel, then add coconut oil that has been liquefied.  I'll then place it covered in a just warm oven, say 150-170 degrees for at least 6-8 hrs.  After this I continue to leave it soak in a dark place that will keep the coconut oil liquid (>76 degrees f).  You can strain it at anytime with a fine mesh strainer, or leave the plant material in place.  I do not throw out this plant material, rather I will use it mixed with some nutella for a great snack.  If you want to have this infusion oil stay liquid at lower room temps, you can add a less saturated oil (olive is nice), or use liquid coconut oil.  It may seem more complicated/PITA after reading what I wrote, but in reality it is as simple as falling off of a log, and saves you a ton of $$$, for a product you know was made right.  Thanks for reading, I wish you good health, and attached is a photo from a prior batch to show you...  Good stuff.