Author Topic: Large HOA Assessments  (Read 29276 times)


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Re: Large HOA Assessments
« Reply #100 on: April 05, 2016, 08:18:17 AM »
My cousin lives in an HOA that consists of 4 people--it is a 4 flat in Chicago. His HOA is great! Every year they assess how much repairs and maintenance of the garden cost them the prior year. That total is then divided by 4 for their annual dues.
Same for my aunt and uncle. Keeps the roof and fences repaired, the stairwells clean, and the front yard pretty. I think it also stipulates parking requirements--which makes sense because their alley only has one parking spot per flat. It would be a dick move to get an extra car or a huge car and prevent somebody else from using their spot without them having any recourse. They all know each other and get along great, but it might come in handy if somebody moves out.

Not a concern, his place has deeded parking. Actually, most places in [this area of] Chicago do IF they have parking.