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Re: Job Interview Jitters
« Reply #50 on: June 12, 2017, 07:19:18 AM »
I had my second interview for a position a couple days ago. That interview was mostly to speak with a manager that could not be at the first interview. I thought it went pretty well but I have not heard back from them yet.

The only thing I'm wondering about is that it is a small business (about 40 people) that does not offer health insurance to the employees, but I was told it's in the plans. So I would have to see about going through the state ACA exchange (Colorado). I would be making around $40k at this job. What I am wondering about is that if I got health insurance through an employer it is paid for with pre-tax money but if I buy it myself it is not. Can you deduct the cost of premiums on your taxes?

I got offered the job!

It's not super high paying but it does pay more than the last real job that I had when I got laid off in 2014. $40k is pretty good for this backwater of a city.
It's 3 miles away and I will try to bike commute it (I mostly need to see where I can keep my bike during the day.)