Author Topic: Good ways youíve found to give?  (Read 115 times)


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Good ways youíve found to give?
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I have been thinking a lot lately about giving back, but havenít landed on just how or where. I know there are great malaria NGOs and the like, and I already do give to several non-profits that are rated highly or just align with issues I care about (like Audubon and NRDC).

Iíd like to be able to feel Iíve had some kind of direct impact and have been thinking about putting a kid through collegeóor maybe a couple if I were to venture outside the USA. I just donít know where to start a project like that. Iíve been donating to Kiva for years because I like that itís not just a hand out but a leg up for those able and willing.

Iím curious how those of you who donate money outside of the regular religious tithings and such do so. Are there any particularly great ways youíve found outside of the more obvious routes?

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Re: Good ways you’ve found to give?
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The sand dollar approach!

That old parable about the guy finding a beach full of sand dollars left dry by the tide, and choosing one to toss back. The friend says “you only saved one,” and the hero protagonist says, “yeah, but I saved one.”

It doesn’t have to be the most efficient. I chose things that matters to me—cancer, suicidal kids, animals, the dignity of women—and I donate. St Jude’s is pretty efficient with the money, the local SPCA is inefficient, but I’ve saved a few dogs.

It’s peaceful, and its good. Which is what I consider the foundation of charity.


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Re: Good ways youíve found to give?
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Givewell is a neat organization that extensively researches charities and determines a small number that improve the most human lives per dollar. You can either give to one of the charities they recommend, or give to them and they'll allocate it between them.

ETA: understandably, their charities all operate mostly in developing countries where money goes further. So you don't get the good feeling of knowing anything about the recipients, or helping people in your own community. But knowing you put your money to the most efficient use, and maybe even saved lives, is a good feeling too.
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