Author Topic: What side hustle opportunities in a border town with minimal local market?  (Read 1416 times)


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I live in a border town of under 100,000 combined population US and Canadian, relatively isolated from other cities by hours of driving or a flight.

Land and property is cheap, labour is plentiful, taxes are high, jobs are scarce. It's easy to ship things from either side of the border and easy to find space or help to scale up  a business. It's not easy to sell to a local market, although I am testing out a couple niche ideas for the markets we have here also. 

It seems that I could be in a good spot to make something and sell it, and possibly to scale up if it was successful. Some local artists have been able to sell lots of mid-priced prints  internationally, as well as textiles and small/light wood items.

What side hustles would you look into here? I'm good at a lot of handcrafting, leather, wood, fabric, etc. but also open to learning and diversifying.


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Duty free booze and casinos :) Oh wait, maybe that is just Cambodia...

Trinkets are very anti-mustachian... but there's a lot of travellers with who need a keepsake or two to placate nagging kids in the car... do you do thinks like carved bald eagles or black bears?


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What are you skills?  Internet skills/setting up a business experience/things you know how to make/grow, etc.

What are your interests?

How much available capital do you have?