Author Topic: Divorce - WMFD (Weapon of Mass Financial Destruction)  (Read 119669 times)


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Re: Divorce - WMFD (Weapon of Mass Financial Destruction)
« Reply #400 on: October 14, 2014, 06:54:38 AM »
Honestly, if one is 40+yo or an exception to the rule I completely understand why my ideas are unsettling


Dude, your ideas are not "unsettling," they are trite and misguided. The sooner you realize this, the happier you will be. Have you ever met a happy MRA type?

Also, if you think you're successfully negging me by pointing out my age, let me assure you that I see through that little "trick" and it has failed to impress me.

Also, Cressida, I am not an MRA and never claimed to be, and I'll leave the snarky comments for you to pollute the thread with. I'm an activist for myself solely and I happen to view things in a certain light.

Given that you speak, without apparent irony, of "buying the cow," you clearly have MRA beliefs. So claiming that you're "not an MRA" just because you don't sit around plotting with other MRAs is just semantic obfuscation.

Anyway, you still haven't copped to your rationale for not wanting to marry, so I will continue to conclude that said rationale is indefensible. You know perfectly well that your most radical views are socially unacceptable, so you're too chicken to spell them out for us. Way to Go Your Own Way! You're so brave!

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U mad? I've actually never met a self-proclaimed MRA ever. Throughout my years though I have met many young, very like-minded white, black and asian guys who are successful in white collar jobs or other ventures, who have no problem with women and dating and are very happy overall. This can't possibly be true though, can it?

Seriously, what's the point of discussing this with you and who is "us"? You're still the only one with your panties in a wad over this. You have your views, and you try to reframe the discussion with your middle school debate team tactics, but you're intellectually out of your league. I could give you any amount of reasoning, studies, facts and/or figures and you'll just attack, unsurprisingly, with ad hominems, so I won't waste my time. Hell, just looking at a few of your old posts it's clear you have a stereotypical social-justice-warrior-equalist-"it's all just social conditioning" mindset, so we're like oil and water. Your posts paint you like a caricature of your agenda, constantly arguing with people and labeling anyone who doesn't agree with you as a sexist or as having a sexist viewpoint (really, like in every 5th post you use the word 'sexist', 'sexism' or 'racist'. Are you getting paid by Google each time or something? If so, then kudos).

I've had zero problem living my life successfully and gleefully with my so-called "radical" views, as you put it, but I'm probably making that up right? Really I'm just eating Cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew in my mom's basement as I write this. Or, maybe all of my white male privilege is what's done it for me; afterall, I do know the secret handshake and subscribe to "The Patriarchy Quarterly".
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Re: Divorce - WMFD (Weapon of Mass Financial Destruction)
« Reply #401 on: October 14, 2014, 08:26:38 AM »
People are having a hard time staying on topic, and this thread has become vitriolic despite some warnings and temporary forum bans.  I'm locking this one up.