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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1600 on: December 02, 2016, 12:34:05 PM »
From my original goals:

1 set/1 deadlift 200lbs (Stretch: 270lbs)
1 set/1 back squat 135lbs(Stretch: 200lbs)
Achieve proper and comfortable front rack position
1 set/1 strict pullup

I haven't hit the deadlift. I've stalled out at 175lb PR. My training consistency hasn't been there on the DLs- I only go for higher weights when DH is there to spot form, and as he's been working a lot more, I've been sticking largely to squats, cleans, etc, at home, or pretty light DLs (like 135lbs tops). Anyway, that's the goal I haven't hit yet. Otherwise, I've hit all my other goals: got the 135lb squats, got a good front rack, and kiiiiiiinda hit the strict pullup. I can't do it from a full, totally dead hang yet, but it's close.

Anyway, I'll do a final year end, but I don't see any of the numbers changing hugely.


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1601 on: December 02, 2016, 09:26:05 PM »

Nice numbers! What is your weight and how long have you been training?

I'm a former powerlifter. I still lift but my back is effed. I can still put up respectable numbers on bench, but not so much on squats or deads.

Former stats were 258 BP, 353 squat, 450 DL @ a BW of 156.

Pretty wild #'s you had there. Did you compete in the USAPL or another federation?

I'm no where near as strong going by wilks score (weight vs. lifts for the non powerlifters)

I'm currently sitting ~225lbs right now, will be cutting down to 205 for my first meet in March.

I'm finishing up a 6 week DUP training block right now and will be testing my maxes again in 2 weeks.

Expecting to hit a ~350-355 bp, 615-625 dl, and ~475-485 sq @ 220lbs

Good luck at your first meet! Where is it? It's USAPL I am assuming? Those are good goals. What wilks will that get you?

I think my best wilks was around 355 or something around there. I did 6 contests over 3 years but I herniated a disc in my low back. It has never really healed. Most of my contests were affiliated with the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) which is IPF. I'm Canadian. I did one contest that was USAPL sanctioned though in Ohio -  The Gay Games....


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1602 on: December 04, 2016, 08:50:45 AM »
Complete Robie Creek half marathon < 2:10:00 (April)
Complete Zeitgeist half marathon < 2:00:00 (November)
Paleo/Primal diet >= 90%
Strength workouts 2x/week
Sprint 1x/week (running, rowing, or kettlebell intervals)

Well, this is depressing.  I did complete the Robie Creek half in April, but around 2:19 due to inconsistent training. 

Spring and summer were hit or miss.  I was just getting back into a better routine in August when I got bucked off my horse and sprained my ankle pretty badly.  Each time I try to retake running, the ankle protests, so I am sticking with walking for about two more weeks.  The ankle also really limited my strength workouts, though that's morphed more into an excuse to totally miss my workouts.  It has almost all the range of motion back now though, and only hurts if I go to the very bottom of a squat, so it's time to start hitting the gym regularly again.  Starting today.

Paleo diet - umm, no.  I haven't been eating terribly, but the paleo thing has been at more like 50%.  Really need to clean up my diet.

I'll be in for next year's challenge.  I'm going on a work detail in January and February, so I won't have anything better to do in the evenings than hit the gym, and will be living alone, four blocks from Whole Foods, so no excuses not to get the diet back in order.


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1603 on: December 05, 2016, 09:18:44 AM »

  • Maintain 50lb fat loss from 2015
  • Complete 5K <= 30:00 (<= 09:39/mile)
  • Complete Half Marathon <= 2:20:00
  • Complete Triathlon (sprint)
  • Strength training 2X/week
  • Set Personal Record for 5K (<= 29:34) New PR: 28:54!

This was actually my best year ever in terms of running and just general fitness. The only thing from my above list that I have not consistently done is strength train. I've been pretty good lately about doing body weight work focused on my hips 2-3 times per week, but that's about it. I took the rest of November pretty easy in terms of running (short, easy and if I missed one, meh), but I'm ready to build mileage again through December to get back to my normal weekly totals. I've recently gotten back in the pool too after a 2 month hiatus. Still not my favorite activity, but it makes a nice winter work out and I'm far enough away from the disastrous triathlon experience of 2016 that I just might put another one on my goals for 2017... regardless, December is going to be about building mileage and figuring out what I want my 2017 goals to be. I definitely want to spend more time on my bike next year. I've really kind of missed riding as much as it's gotten darker and colder (I know, I know... I need to be less of a wuss about all that)


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1604 on: December 05, 2016, 09:44:41 AM »
I'm researching a new gym after a year on classpass (by the way, I did 205 classes thus far on classpass, averaging out to $4.30/class for high-end fitness classes that normally run $15-25/each- I'll take it, though I would like to reduce overall fitness spending next year). With classpass discontinuing the unlimited function, I need to find a new place.

Two questions:
  • How much luck have you had negotiating things like initiation fees, annual fees, etc? What did you use?
  • For the folks that run their own program (which I will need to do somewhat with no classpass) - how do you design your program? Did you copy it from a book and/or website? Do you use an app to track it? I'm particularly looking to keep up doing AMRAPS and Metcons & such as well as flexibility training now that I need to be more self-motivated. 

Lord, last time I was running my own program as an athlete, phones weren't in color and folded in half and didn't text message. We tracked our lifts using pencil and paper.
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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1605 on: December 06, 2016, 08:31:03 AM »

You've gotten great advice on this already, slow down, reduce mileage, ice after your runs and get good shoes. Don't mess around with crap shoes if you are putting in more than 10 miles a week.

Question, do you hurt after your run or only during it?

For shoes, I can't recommend the Mizuno wave rider line enough. It's a neutral shoe (foot doesn't roll to one side or the other on strike) that has a good deal of cushion (I find that my injury level stays low on a cushion shoe, your results will vary).

The best thing about the wave rider? They don't change it up every year into something new. I used to wear New Balance like a religion BUT, they would do a major overall on a shoe ever iteration and take a cushion shoe and make it a stability shoe or otherwise mess up the foot feel (WHY OH WHY NEW BALANCE?!?!).

The Wave rider stays consistent AND, if you shop around a little you can find last years models at great prices. The current model might run 120 bucks but go back to the year prior and they can be had for 60, that's a GREAT shoe for the price, I put 30 miles a week on them with zero issues. If I start feeling a twinge in the hips/knees/ankles (usually after 250-300 miles of use) I grab one of the new pairs that I have pre-purchased (last years model of course) and make it my new shoes, using the old one for short mileage. I've gotten a whole years of use out of three pairs of wave rider 18's using this method, that's a year of running for 180 bucks.

Hope the knees get to feeling better.


Hi Tim! Thank you so much for your thoughtful response!

Re: knees - it was after about 3 or 4 runs that my knees started hurting. I would notice them hurting when going down the stairs, but it was especially when running that I would notice them really bothering me. In fact, on the day that I posted my originally question, I had intended to go on a run but turned around to walk home when my knees were really aching at each impact.

My knees are doing okay. I took a break, tried to do more stretches, and am starting back up jogging slowly. I purchased a pair of Brooks last week at the suggestion of the local running store - they've got a good exchange policy, so if the shoes don't feel quite right, I can go back in and do an exchange for something that works better.


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1606 on: December 16, 2016, 08:46:31 AM »
Oooo! Man has it gotten cold here the last week or so. Running, even outside, has been going fairly well. I seem to finally be over my November slump. Question for outside exercisers, When I run outside, frequently my arms get really cold. My hands are fine (sometimes they are even too warm and I shed my gloves mid-run), but my arms freeze. I had this problem last winter too (the first winter I really committed to running outside rather than inside), but no combination of attire ever seemed to really help. Any one have any suggestions?


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1607 on: December 19, 2016, 12:31:08 PM »
Thanks for updating AL!!

I'm both working on the 2017 S&F bit, and my own update. I don't think the majority of you follow my journal, but after that amazingness in the first half of the year, I backslid a bit. I still have improved over where I was at at the beginning of the year, but I haven't made things as sustainable as I wanted. Next year is looking good though. I'll post my update as soon as I draft it up.


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1608 on: December 19, 2016, 01:22:49 PM »
I've been trying out intermittent fasting the past few weeks and realized after a few subpar work outs that I needed to not do it on the same day as my work outs. But I haven't been able to get back into the groove. I've even gotten into the gym, changed, warmed up, do the first set of the first exercise .... and I just don't care. I switch over to doing the treadmill for the time period instead, then change back to the street clothes (no need to shower), and go about my day. I've also been dealing with some back pain in the last couple months but that seems to be subsiding for the moment and I'm booking a massage for next week. Christmas isn't helping, I've had to use my lunch breaks to deal with holiday related stuff instead (I have learned that I don't work out unless I do it at lunch). But - I have accomplished one of my goals of losing ten pounds. Yay! Now to work on the next ten, which should get me back in the range of what I should have for my frame. But that means actually getting off my butt.


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1609 on: December 19, 2016, 01:28:19 PM »
[...]I have accomplished one of my goals of losing ten pounds. Yay! [...]

Hell yeah!! I've marked that goal off. Way to kick ass!


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1610 on: December 23, 2016, 09:46:11 AM »
Got my last two goals this week! 200lb Strict press Monday and 315 Bench last night. Squat still sits at 425lb. Haven't re-tested my deadlift, but the program I am doing, the week before I hit 500 my heavy set was 435x2. This week I did 475x2 for my heaviest set. So I assume my 1rm jumped a bit. Now I need to cut a bit. The last couple months I have been eating more to gain quicker.

Join 1200lb club
1 set/1 deadlift 500lbs
1 set/1 squat 405lbs
1 set/1 bench press 315lbs
1 set/1 overhead press 200lbs


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1611 on: December 24, 2016, 07:51:05 AM »

I failed at everything this year. i was doing ok for the first part of the year and then our life got flipped upside down with the arrival of our son on march third. I figured having a tiny human to take care of would eat into my free time but holy cow them first 6 months are pretty brutal. Anyway I kept telling myself once things calmed down a bit, I would get back into the weight room and have been consistent through the months of november and december. I am kind of kicking myself for not getting back in sooner. after the initial few days of "MY LEGS ARE SO SORE I CAN'T BEND OVER TO TIE MY SHOES" I feel amazing. I sleep better (when the little guy lets me) and my nagging lower back pain is all but gone. I'm going to try my hardest to keep rolling into 2017.

Before we had our son we really didn't have much of a schedule at home. We have tried to have a set dinner time (6:30-7) instead of just whenever one of us got hungry enough to make something. I basically started IF because of this with an 8 hour eating window 12-8 and on a few days I would skip lunch. Doing this I have went from weighing ~260 down to ~230 (I'm 6'6").  I don't want to use the scale to dictate my health or not so I don't have a set weight I want to be but coming down from 260 feels really good.

Train 3X/week for > 80% weeks (> 41 weeks)- Failed but am 100% through November and December
Run 1 mile < 7:00 (8.6mph)- Failed timed one back in January and it was around 8:30. I haven't ran one since
Rejoin Cycling challenge every month- Failed I've still been riding to and from work just haven't been tracking any of it.
Cycle > 200 miles/month- Failed, I don't track miles but my best guess is i'm around 75-100 miles a month
Join local judo class- Failed, have had no time
Judo 2X/week at >=50% (>=26 weeks) Failed see above


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1612 on: December 24, 2016, 09:08:00 AM »
Jordan--would be awesome to this again next year.  We all greatly appreciate the efforts and I for one can say that this thread helped to motivate me to get back at it after injury. 

As for my goals...1st time really trying fitness goals (and really 20 years since excersising in general) and I had way to many (some of which may have been competing with each other).   

Next time around I'm going for something much simpler based on consistently doing things (such as strength train 3 days a week with x% success rate) and general progression (BW progression and/or weight progression). Also a goal of not doing stupid things that may injure myself...but if I do get injured no moping around and still doing something consistently (might need to reset progress markings to a new level to begin increasing from again but progress is progress).  Something about following my good sleep rules should also be in there...I know all of the things that contribute to my poor sleep, but for some reason I keep doing many of them way more often than I should. 

On the plus side my rotator cuff injury is ~80-90% healed through PT and I've been strength training consistently with something while it did limit certain areas.   Last thing I want to get back to doing is chin-ups and eventually pull-ups (been consistently progressing at BW rows, but a bit cautious about my entire weight hanging from a less than perfect shoulder).  Will begin that slowly and carefully next year. 

Wish everyone the best.


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1613 on: December 24, 2016, 09:19:15 AM »
I will most definitely be doing this for 2017. I won't start it as early as I did last year, but at some point between the 25th and the 31st, it will be up. Keep the check ins coming. It's a journey, and one that I feel I'm personally making progress on. I suspect that 2017 will find me having built a sustainable routine and habit.

Just to make next year's even more informative, if people would like to mention the resources they've used, along with what they liked/disliked about it, I'll add that to the resource post for next year.


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1614 on: December 24, 2016, 03:22:04 PM »
Also failed at most of my goals this year :)

Fortunately, I have good reasons. One, I was probably too ambitious, but more importantly, my wife and I had a baby! Like with Hedge, it turned out to be more difficult than ever to get away to the gym during the past couple months (largely because I was enjoying spending time with her so much I rarely wanted to leave!).

One small bit of good news, I got in for a bench session the other day and tied my all-time 4RM, which was pretty surprising but made me hopeful that I haven't lost too much for the start of 2017! Will definitely be around for the next version of this thread. Merry Christmas all, and a happy New Year!


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Re: Strength & Fitness 2016
« Reply #1616 on: December 31, 2016, 06:00:54 PM »
I didn't meet most of my goals for the year, but one I did was hit 4 million steps!  Hit it today with a few hours left. 

Am planning on making similar goals for next year, so I'll add them to the 2017 thread.