Author Topic: Stick to your budget challenge - Holiday 2018 edition  (Read 332 times)


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Stick to your budget challenge - Holiday 2018 edition
« on: November 10, 2018, 11:57:57 AM »
This is a holiday 2018 challenge - you are welcome to join me:) in staying on track and sticking to your holiday budget.
For now until Dec 31 - New Year's Eve.
I love the holidays but I don't love it when they derail my budget because I went over what I specifically set aside for Christmas. You know the general vibe of "Oh, the hell with it, this is Christmas:)".

My holiday budget is $500
for everything from food to parties to holiday events incl. holiday clothing, trips, gifts, dining out and don't forget charity to share your good fortune.

1. Just picked up small gifts for presents and two new holiday dishtowels for our kitchen.
2. Charity is up first because we do Toys for Tots every year for which I start shopping in November. We do footballs and basketballs for the older boys, because so often people only get teddy's and dolls for little kids. I try to find gifts suitable for older girls.
At Mr. R's workplace everyone chips in cash for buying 10-12 bikes at Walmart and the guys assemble them in time for pick-up.
3. Mr. R. and I each do our own favorite charities, he does his from his annual profit sharing bonus - NPR.
Big Cat Rescue and local homeless charities are my choices.
I do donate food as well during the holidays and often throughout the year but that comes out of my misc budget or was a result of cleaning up my pantry with food close to expiration.

That leaves me with $201 total spent = $299 left for presents, food, events and dining out - no travel this year.
Might be fine - depends, may have to supplement $200 from the slush fund if it gets too tight - we'll see.

My goal is to see how close I can come to sticking with $299 - this is not meant to be an exercise in extreme frugality choices, but merely a way to spend thoughtfully.
There are always unexpected expenses throughout the holidays, that's OK.
If, I need the extra $200 from the slush fund, fine - but I will not exceed the extra in the slush fund - so that is my challenge going forward.

Welcome to the challenge of staying on track during the holidays!:)
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