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Sold the rental
« on: December 15, 2018, 08:13:00 AM »
Remember the rental Boarder said was terrible.  We sold it.  Horrible next door neighbors almost ruined our sale.  They have a mess going on next door.  Bleh. Plus, renters entirely ruin the freedom part of our life.

Cash in pocket towards retirement: 152,000, to add to our nest egg.  Networth 770K, was 500K about 2 years ago.

Reserved back 20K towards a newer vehicle.  Ours is approaching 200K miles.

We won't need to draw upon this money for a long while. 

130K to invest.  Go.

Very sad to find out Boarder is gone.  Have not been on forums much.   Sorry

me thinks admiral total market domestic and intl.  Some S & P.  Maybe a modest amount in bonds or CDs?


Just put 50K in Vanguard cash account.  The remainder of cash is waiting for the ink to dry on our check deposit. Then, I shall move over another 80K 

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