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My husband and I are new to this forum but are very excited as to how helpful everyone's posts are and thrilled with the like-mindedness of everyone! With that said we decided a few months ago our goal is to FIRE, leave Texas and move to Spain. We have been doing a lot of economical background research to quantify this move. We have also been to Spain several times so this not a blind move by any means. We will work part time here and there.

*** I wanted to give our financial standing to The Forum and seek advice on what everyone thinks would be our best investment moves. I.E.What type of funds etc would be ideal to have that would good dividends over time.

Iwill admit, we have been scared and hesitant to invest in fear of losing the money BUT are now more comfortable with and know it must happen to FIRE.

Here it goes:
I am 41, husband 38
No kids, no plan to have kids
Our goal is to move to southern Spain in January 2019 (21 months) FIRED.
We sold our house. No mortgage. Now living in an apt.
Both cars are leases and will be turned in upon moving.
No debt.
Currently have about $450k in savings and with our budgeting methods, our goal is to have a little over $700k saved by January 2019.
We both have small (maybe 20k) in 401k and IRA'S)
We plan to live in an area in Spain that the annual cost of living would be between $20-$25k per couple.

***With all that said, what are some suggestions on what to do today with our cash, investment wise, and in the future moving forth?

I look forward to everyone's input and feel free to ask any additional questions!
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