Author Topic: Saved 700 Euros this weekend  (Read 864 times)


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Saved 700 Euros this weekend
« on: September 14, 2015, 12:40:17 AM »
When I was pregnant and we bought the bed for our daughter, our plan was to eventually buy the matching closet. We kept her clothing organized by size in Ikea-Containers. It wasnt practical nor pretty. Well, after cleaning out the last couple of weeks and getting inspired by the decluttering threat, I reorganized our closet to fit the towels and bedsheets we kept in her dresser/changingtable. So now her clothing fits in there for now and once we reorganize the basement we will have room to store the bins and she has more space to play. It turns out we dont need the (700 Euro) closet after all. At least not for the next couple of years. I also looked into buying the matching closet used or a similar closet that matches the bed but had no luck.