Author Topic: Presents & Donations-Give time, not $  (Read 1374 times)


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Presents & Donations-Give time, not $
« on: February 26, 2013, 09:30:20 PM »
I've seen a few posts mention present and donation expenses, and even one regarding DIY presents. I don't make much (take home ~$1500/ month), and usually the set amount for presents is $20 each. Times that by my immediate family members of 8. That's 8 birthdays and 8 presents for Christmas. That's $320 minimum. Let alone presents for friends etc. Also add in my $180 last year for donations, I'm at a minimum of $500 for donations and presents.

Well I decided recently that I'm tired of giving gifts. Not that I'm trying to be a cheap ass, but I'd rather save the money and give something as valuable, if not more; my time. So for my grandfather's birthday that just passed I gave him a homemade card (I've bought a total of probably 5 "cards" in my life; I think it's a huge waste of $1-5) and a note saying I'd do a day of gardening for him. So the next weekend I went to his house, cut his hedges, sweeped, trimmed, pulled weeds, and filled 3 trash cans of yard trimmings. I spent around 3 hours and got some fresh air to-boot. I plan on going back once his trash cans are empty to finish off some more work.

I also plan on volunteering for Habitat for Humanity this year, instead of donating money to charities.

So anyway, I challenge you to instead give your time for donations, and presents. Oh, and make your own cards! Word document has templates of birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc.

Ideas for "gifts":
Wash their car (inside and out)
Babysit their kid for them so they can go out to dinner
Clean their garden
Do their taxes, or other service that you are handy in (like fixing their faucet or helping them remodel their kitchen).


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Re: Presents & Donations-Give time, not $
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2013, 11:59:32 PM »
Just wanted to say I'd be totally stoaked if someone gave me their time in lieu of a present.

Thumbs up.