Author Topic: Mortgage Payment Club $225K : Starting current balance of $200K-$249K  (Read 1532 times)


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Hi guys,

I'm looking for folks to share mortgage payment journey with similar situation. 

To be a member of the Club, which we can shorten to MPC225, the requirement is :


This gives Club members a better bonding experience as we belong in the same similar range of debt VS people who either have bigger or smaller debt.

The Required First Post should follow this pattern: 

Starting Mortgage Debt :  $ (must be between $200K-$249K)

Beginning Mortgage Debt This Month: $
Paid Mortgage Debt This Month :  $
Ending Mortgage Debt : $

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Starting Mortgage Debt :  $254,355

Wow, this is a lonely thread...and technically, I don't even belong here. I'm breaking the rules right off the bat as we're just north of $254K on our mortgage, but will drop below the $250K mark in the next month or two.

We refinanced (for free) a few months ago and I just filed the paperwork to switch to biweekly payments (with an additional $250 principal payment) on our 15-year loan. Those two changes should have us paid off within 10 years. Of course, I'd love to be mortgage free even goal is to get this down to 7 years.