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Solar cooker, solar dryer
« on: November 29, 2016, 09:34:40 AM »
The slow cooker discussion reminded me to put in a good word for solar cookers.  A solar cooker is basically an insulated box with a clear glass or plastic cover and reflectors to channel sunlight into the box. It works by the same process that happens when you park your car in the sun... sunlight goes in, turns into heat, and is trapped by the glass. You can use it like a solar cooker.

You can find out how to buy one or make your own here:

I use ours probably about once a week in the summer, even though we have a lot of trees and live in the North.  I bet people in sunnier climates could do much better!

As for solar dryer-- well you know the kind that consists of a rope and a pulley!  We use ours at least 3x a week in the spring and summer, and maybe 1x a week in fall.

I haven't calculated how much money we save, but I do get reports from our utility company that our energy usage is way way lower than comparable neighbors!