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100 push-ups per day
« on: July 17, 2024, 12:59:32 PM »
Iíve gone from having done maybe 100 push-ups total in my whole life to doing 100 push-ups a day in less than a week.


Two weeks ago at a family reunion, I was playing around with my young cousins in a gym. I got soundly out-benched by my 14 year old cousin who weighs the same as me. Granted, Iím a 42 year old female and heís a male with a part time job as a ranch hand, but still. Iím in decent shape, could basically match him on pull-ups and farmerís carry, so it was a surprise to me that my bench press was so deficient. Since my normal life seemed to be lacking any exercise of that muscle area, I decided to actively target it with some exercise: push-ups.

Thursday: I did one set of 20 push-ups. It was absolutely miserable. Afterwards, I immediately FaceTimed a friend to commiserate. He had recently taken up push-ups and we had some laughs about it, and then chatted about how to ramp it up. We ended up motivating each other to do another set of 20. To my surprise, not only was I able to knock it out, it was a tiny fraction less miserable than that initial set. Over the course of the day, I ended up doing 5 sets of 20, for a total of 100 for the day. I knew I would be sore the next day and then even more sore the day afterwards, so I planned two rest days.

Friday & Saturday: rest days, was entertained by the tiny seldom used muscles that were especially sore: some lower abs muscles, the muscles behind my upper elbow, and most especially the muscle connecting the shoulder to the chest.

Sunday: did another 5 sets of 20 push-ups throughout the day for another day of 100 push-ups! It was significantly less miserable than the first time, but those last two of each set were still very exhausting.

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: Another 5 sets of 20 push-ups throughout the day, 100 total!

Wednesday (today): No rest day needed, knocked out my 5 sets of 20 push-ups. Iím a 100 push-up a day person now, which is absolutely crazy to me.

Key lesson learned: having someone on FaceTime that first day to compete with and watch each otherís pain faces as we struggled through the last few push-ups of each set was extremely motivating. After that first day, just shooting texts back and forth reporting how many sets we were each up to for the day really kept the motivation up as well. Now that itís more routine, I donít think Iíll need the moral support next week aside from just reporting accomplishment at the end of the day. And after that, I expect I wonít even need to do that to keep it up. Weíll see!

Michael in ABQ

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Re: 100 push-ups per day
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2024, 01:10:24 PM »
Sometimes in the Army we ended up doing several hundred push-ups in a day (usually in basic training). Doing more than 50-100 at a time is almost impossible, you will hit muscle failure. But it doesn't take that long to recover and do another set. Sometimes if we were bored on some duty like working the night shift in a command post it was common for everyone to do 20, 30, 50 push-ups every hour on the hour. Something to pass the time and counteract what was otherwise just sitting there for an 8- or 12-hour shift.

P.S. you just motived me to drop down and do 20 push-ups before hitting post.


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Re: 100 push-ups per day
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2024, 01:11:41 PM »
This is badass!!! I do this at work as well!!  Believe it or not it's wild how much I've noticed a change.

It's also made me lean into some other office workout type things.  Example my desk is perfect for dips, I have some bands, grip strength, etc. 

Keep it up!


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Re: 100 push-ups per day
« Reply #3 on: July 17, 2024, 08:02:32 PM »
Good job!  I honestly don't know any women (those that don't work out) that can do 20 pushups in a row, so you're already far ahead of many.  Its also surprising how many guys can't do 20 either.

A variation of the 100/day that I've tried is to do them all in a single set.  Add 5 pushups per week, starting with 20, or some number that's easy for you to achieve.  After 4 months, one can potentially get to 100. Unfortunately, I never got to that point and can't remember why I stopped.  I remember getting to 70.  Maybe I hit a plateau and got discouraged?  This is good motivation to start up a routine again.


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