Author Topic: Repaired old bike!  (Read 963 times)


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Repaired old bike!
« on: December 25, 2014, 08:00:52 PM »
I decided to finally follow MMM's advice on transportation and start biking.  Instead of buying a new or used bike I fixed one I had in highschool.  It was still in my parent's basement.  The tires had dry rotted.  I got some new tires/tubes and brakes, and today I switched out the tires with the help of my step father.  My step dad was sure we were going to need a bike shop to switch out the back tire because of the gears & chain, but we were able to switch it out.  I did have the chain going in reverse for a second, but we fixed it! 

Work isn't too far away so I'm going to try biking the trip this weekend to test it out before dealing with Monday morning traffic. 


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Re: Repaired old bike!
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2014, 09:54:43 AM »
Congrats!  It is a great feeling when you tackle and solve a problem that you initially think (or are told) that you need to "leave it for the professionals."  You'll also love transporting yourself all around under your own muscle power.  Saving $$, getting exercise, and being outside is a great combination.

I also still ride my 1994 high school bike everywhere (only bike I own) and have done all my own repairs or enlisted the help of a more-experienced friend.  I just replaced my left hand pedal arm yesterday - being self sufficient and solving problems never gets old!

Time for a grocery run (on my bike of course) - happy bicycling!

 - Chops