Author Topic: Reduced commute by 70% by taking new job - and started biking to work!  (Read 1510 times)


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Wanted to share here as anyone I tell in person usually says "whoa is it dangerous - where did you get a bike?"

Was driving 20mi each way. Now biking (12mi round trip) to work 4 days a week and never felt better!

Thanks for letting me share with other mustachians!
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I hope to sometime follow in your footsteps here, or should I say, bike paths :)

Congrats :)


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Awesome! Nothing like cutting a commute like that-you get so much time back in your day!


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Awesome, similar situation here -- new job, new city, 90% reduction in commute biking 5 days a week.

It helps that I don't have a parking spot and would have to pay a ridiculous amount for a private lot near my office.