Author Topic: Southwest Companion Pass achieved today . . .  (Read 338 times)


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Southwest Companion Pass achieved today . . .
« on: April 14, 2020, 12:22:13 PM »
I actually think I screwed this up, but Last I checked I was at about 114K miles, mostly from a credit card bonus. I've been activating those "25% bonus towards companion pass offers", but I kind of forgot about it / thought I didn't qualify, at least for the big one.

Today 21,009 companion pass points (can't be redeemed for flights - just an adjustment for companion pass purposes only). Exactly 25% of the miles I got when the bonus posted to southwest. In any event, that pushed me over the top. I'm going to overshoot this by like 15K to 20K counting the miles I've got for purchases on southwest cards that have not yet posted yet to southwest - could have shifted spend over to other cards I have earlier had I known.

So I guess it is time to put that new southwest business card in the drawer until next time.

Of course, with the Covid breakout, seems unlikely I'll be flying anywhere anytime soon, but checking this off the mental to do list is nice I suppose, and we're good through end of 2021.

If these offers are an ongoing thing, makes the math to get to 125K points easier - can actually do it with just 100K earned points, and if a 70K+ bonus counts for this offer, not nearly the spend I'd originally thought when they bumped it up and made it harder to combine cards.