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My mild badassity
« on: February 20, 2013, 09:08:29 AM »
I really had no idea what badassity was until a few days ago.  Well I guess if you had asked for a definition I would have come up with something, but it would have been the commonly accepted bad-ass stuff, not true Badassity.  So, when I was lurking around the forum and saw this section, I wondered if I had ever done any Badassity myself.  The answer is "kinda".  It's not too cool but I'll share a few things that I did unawares I was implementing Badassity.  I really just like typing and saying Badassity.

BA #1: I sold a precious vehicle and cashed in vacation time to pay off debt that had my stomach in knots for years.  That really was awesome.  It hurt to sell the vehicle, because I loved it so.  And it wasn't pleasant getting rid of all that potential vacation I couldn't really take because I didn't have any money, but CC debt is gone, and barring any total craziness, will never return!  I chronicled it a in a bit more detail on my blog if you care to get more detail (

BA #2: I ditched DirecTV a while back and have gone totally internet based for our viewing pleasure.  Not really a great feat of doing, but cool and saves a wad of cash each year (

BA #3:  I had a membership to a gym that I actually used.  Well for a while.  I used it to get way healthier and lose around 70 pounds.  Work got dumb and I couldn't make it out at lunch anymore.  Going to the gym after work was way to insane considering I still had a 40 minute drive back to my house.  So I dropped the membership, and used a little less than a years worth of membership fees to build a gym at my house.  Stocked with free weights and even a treadmill, which are the only things I used at the gym anyway.

BA #4: Probably not very Badassity-ish, but I'm attempting to find new avenues of making my money make money.  I opened a Scottrade account in 2006 with a few hundred dollars.  Near as I can remember I lost most of it, then gained a fair share of it back.  Got tired of it, and forgot all about it.  Well I've gone back to the money I didn't remember I had there and am being fairly reckless with it, just for fun.  The real thing I'm doing to actually see if I can make a go of things outside of the traditional 401k is with Lending Tree.  I have a little money in at the moment, and am happy to see a decent rate of return.  This Badassity is definitely in the very fledgeling state right now.  Pre-Badassity.


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Re: My mild badassity
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2013, 01:14:45 AM »
Good shit on getting rid of the CC debt.