Author Topic: Live your dream life with 3000 dollars a year inspired by an Austrian (26 years)  (Read 1399 times)


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So my life looks like this, maybe you can apply something for stepping up your game.

Food: 1.000 dollars per year. I live on a farm in Europe-Austria. Eggs, apples, potatoes, vegetables of all sort are free for me. Just a bit of work. I buy some plant- based oil, rice and beans in addition.

Rent: There is no rent for me. The farm is mine, the bottom-line is zero, we have some earnings which are in balance with costs.

Transportation: 1.000 dollars per year. I use bikes, train and public transportation. I love driving on my electric scooter, which I bought on for 1500 dollars. It has 4000 watt and costs about 1 dollar for 70 miles. I recommend such a thing strongly to you for distances within 70 miles.

Other things: 1.000 dollars per year. Clothes, insurance and everything else is easy covered in that budget.

How does the lifestyle look? I couldnīt imagine better in the moment. Part- time work and self employed business hustle in Vienna, known as the best city world-wide from a quality of living standard. I enjoy exciting city life and two hours later, I do a workout in a forest, where within 5 miles there live maybe 100 people. It ist about an one-hour commute three to four days per week. I am in Vienna for fun too, working out with buddies and approaching lots of girls day- and nighttime, no matter which day it is.

Best things in life cost no money: Muscles, Health, Girls, Personal development, Work, Friends

Happy Life to you!


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Nothing is free, you need huge land, land is expensive in europe.  Do not forget some shelter/roof.
No farm is free, taxes makes such farm appear as rent farm, not MINE farm. Plus taxes from hosue.

Best things in life cost no money: Muscles, Health, Girls, Personal development, Work, Friends
Not true at all.
Muscles need protein, protein is the most expensive food.
Health need some rules (sport, good food), and that cost money.
Girls are free indeed.
 Personal development need time, time is money
Work is free, except energy load you need to invest in work
Friends are free.

It is nice idea, but you need at least 100K for the land and house. Also, I believe in Austria it could go much higher. One bad summer, and the food is gone. Winter can be expensive too, if you have to heat the room.