Author Topic: got the SIP trunk/VOIP phone working a bit  (Read 1870 times)


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got the SIP trunk/VOIP phone working a bit
« on: July 14, 2013, 02:42:09 AM »

DW thinks it's awesome. this is just a standard handset/free account test # only but looks promising

I may have just nipped another ~$80/mo from our budget (landline w/long distance service fees on it)

Had to share my awesome ppt

troubleshooting the uverse/2wire broadband GW is sort of a black-box procedure, had to capture packets all the way back on the switch (3750) to see what wasnt working. The NAT configuration of the 7975 phone finally worked but I also tried putting it 'on the DMZ/virtual DMZ' on the uverse2wire but the return traffic was never getting across. some kind of bridging issue I guess (I flattened the network at layer 2 for simplicity), I did of course define a custom traffic pool for both signalling and media matching the port ranges of the phone, didnt look like the uverse 2wire GW had one that matched but I wanted to be sure

baby steps :) was fun getting it all working, now I just have to add the FXS cards I have lying around with some normal 'wireless' 5ghz phones and add them to the account.

DW is cool with the slightly degraded 'safety' features of VOIP/e911. I'm working on an alternate provider for that purpose for a backup VOIP phone that just lies around and can call 911 through an alternate provider (I have a brazillian SIP capable handsets lying around)

not sure why I never looked into this till now

edit: I only went the multiple AP route because I had a spare lying around and I couldn't find an ethernet cable long enough to span my office to where the uverse/2wire box was sitting. lol
edit2: and getting WPA2 working between these two boxes was a mind*&$&, I was trolling support forums, re-flashing, and pulling my hair out. was going to just leave the SSID's wide open as 'FBI SURVEILLANCE VAN(s)' but finally got it to work without resorting to that
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Re: got the SIP trunk/VOIP phone working a bit
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2013, 09:22:32 AM »
Fantastic news, Joet, especially considering your wife is fully on-board with it!

Also glad to hear you got the whole SIP/STUN issue sorted out... that can be a headache sometimes, especially with routers from ISPs that are designed to keep you out and from tinkering.

As for an alternate back-up e911 provider for the service, don't go with another e911 service from another VoIP provider. VoIP is either going to work in an emergency situation or it's not, and that function will be dependent upon network availability and electricity (why I recommend a single ATA and throwing a UPS into the mix). If the cable gets cut? Just like with POTS service, it's not gonna work. Your best 911 back-up to the home/VoIP line if it's of a concern will be your cell phones.


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Re: got the SIP trunk/VOIP phone working a bit
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2013, 11:01:37 AM »
I would tend to disagree, I just made a simple route list w/a higher metric for a secondary VOIP provider, certainly it doesn't qualify as a HA/SRST environment but there is a non-zero chance the SIP trunk/provider/authentication/billing/who knows could fail on the primary VOIP provider so setting up a secondary makes sense (to me, it's cool if you don't agree!).

Re: power I already have a 'solar' residence so if the grid is out for maybe a week or so or if it's super cloudy I start to run into trouble (~16 kw/hr battery string), if I unplugged some appliances it should run 'forever' off grid if I manage the battery voltage/demand

but thank you for your awesome thread and tips, I wasnt intending to perform some exhaustive search for the best possible SIP trunk provider for a home/VOIP phone but as soon as I stumbled across I was sold (asterix/PBX compatibility/etc all)

Fun stuff, I got some regular analog phones working hanging off some FXO ports and am about to port over my long-standing land line (woo!) w/DW's approval based on playing around with it so far. I think it was cool I was able to pick up a local DID for $1 through lol, talk about a race-to-zero in this space :o