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Re: Living by the Beach for ~$750/month TOTAL
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Well, Phillip, I have done what you are doing.

First, hats off for going out and doing the extra-ordinary. Few people do.

But there are some things in life that you have to keep in mind.

Becoming a Bum - This is what happens to expats hanging out in a foreign country. Well, you don't look or feel like a bum when you are abroad - but you will when you return. You will look and act differently and you won't even know it. People will look at you and think something is wrong with you as they expect you to be a certain way (eye twitches, language usage, etc.) It can take many years to readjust to your native land.

Savings - Although a small percentage of expats stay abroad forever, most return at some point. But if you return at a later date you will need substantial savings / assets.

Starting A Career too Late - Some industries are age oriented. Try getting into Silicon Valley at 40 years old.

Relationships - I ended up marrying quite late and now am an older dad. When I was young and abroad I never felt the pressure of parents or seeing all of my friends start families. Luckily I had a small fortune so money wasn't an issue. When you are young you meet based on how you look. Once you hit 30 things change.

I spent most of my post college life abroad. Sometimes by the beach in a hut - but I also and a serious careers and made serious dough (and banked most of it). The one day I realized I had enough $$. So I moved to on...

What I recommend is never staying out of the country for more than two years at one go (the bum thing). Come back and work for a while, bank some cash and then move on. Maybe 2 years in, two years out. And don't spend the cash you bank - that is for your (absolutely unknown) future.

Ironically, I was looking for tickets to Costa Rico earlier today. One family we know decided to be like us and travel around the world. They are on a 4 year trip around the world (two school aged kids in tow). They are in Rico now.

We just returned from two years in Malaysia and Taiwan (remember the two year rule!). It is cold here. I hadn't worn pants much less a jacket for 2 years. So I am eager to thaw out somewhere.