Author Topic: Gave away tons of stuffed animals to police to give to traumatized kids  (Read 1719 times)


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Recently my neighborhood police department advertised for donations of stuffed toys in order to give them to kids in times of trauma.  I looked at the top of my bureau, littered with stuffed animals, including a bear from a boyfriend from over twenty years ago. I'm damn near fifty and feel weird keeping so many stuffed toys around, so today I gathered them and brought them down to the cop shop.  Stuffed toys helped me through kid traumas, and I hope that my bears and cats and bunnies help other kids through theirs.

And the top of my bureau looks much neater.  :D 


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Way to go!  You have helped so many and given comfort to so many kids for sure!

Once, I donated my extensive collection of beanie babies.  I was all hung up on the "worth" of them.  During the "adoption" process to kids in need, the tags were cut and I could of freaked out, but instead felt so happy for their new grade-school "owners."

 You did a really good thing by donating your stuffies.  It can seem trivial in the scheme of things, but young ones really take to those items when in need of comfort. 


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Nice! Reminds me that I have a bunch of stuffed toys back at home that I should donate to the next toy drive.


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This is a great way for these toys to get a second life. Nice gesture!

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I recently sent a bag of stuffed toys to the local women's refuge, hopefully with similarly good effects.  I agree with you: it feels good.