Author Topic: Video: my 20-minute vegetable stew! Six delicious nutritious meals, maybe $10  (Read 1081 times)


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I've been posting lately about my diet, which is the most delicious, nutritious, varied, convenient, and everything you want in food that it's ever been, though I grew up on a standard American diet. And for this community, I'll also note I'm spending less on food than ever, owing to belonging to a Community Supported Agriculture farm and getting most of my other food from a farmers market.

Today I posted a video of me making a delicious vegetable / lentil stew that I thought this forum would appreciate. With zero preparation, from starting to turning on the pressure cooker was twenty minutes, including delays from talking to the camera. I'll get at least six meals out of it and it cost at most $10 for ingredients. That was all the preparation time I needed.

Check out the video: If you don't have a pressure cooker, I recommend one. It's amazing -- that is, if you like delicious, nutritious, convenient, cheap food. I made the video and am sharing it because for me it would be more useful than a recipe or instruction book to start with a pressure cooker.

I didn't plan the ingredients, I just threw in what I felt like that was in the fridge:

    Lentils (maybe three or four cups dry)
    Yellow zucchini (summer squash?)
    Collard Greens
    Beet and beet leaves
    Nutritional yeast

I just wish I could let you guys try it over the internet. It's incredibly delicious and filling.