Author Topic: Cut my cell phone bill in half with AT&T  (Read 1693 times)


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Cut my cell phone bill in half with AT&T
« on: February 17, 2015, 01:19:17 PM »
Background: I have been using AT&T as my wireless carrier for 14 years and have always thought that my bill was what the average person was paying. Most recently this amount was around $90 which included my military discount. My plan was 450 minutes, unlimited text, and I was grandfathered in with unlimited data. I was always fearful of losing this unlimited data as I knew that as technology progressed I would lean on my phone to complete daily business/transactions/research/entertainment/etc. FYI, I use around 4gb of data a month. That was until I started reading MMM and the forums and seeing the reviews on Republic Wireless. So, I started my search on how to lower my bill. My first attempt was to contact AT&T and threaten to switch to Republic Wireless. I was able to negotiate $10 off my bill a month which brought it down to $80 a month... still not as low as I wanted.

My search continued and then AT&T's mobile share plan became available. They were running an offer of 30gb of shared data for $130 and each smartphone added to the plan would be an additional $15 (if you bring your own AT&T device or buy one outright). I was able to convince my two parents, mother-in-law, and my wife to get on the share plan. My wife and mother-in-law were with Verizon and AT&T gave them $150 each to switch over (or course they had to buy an AT&T phone... Ebay!!). So now our total bill with my father's corporate discount (better than the military discount) is $207, split that 5 ways between us and that's $41 per person. I think this is pretty substantial since I own the Iphone 6 outright (bought out the remaining 2 year contract), get unlimited talk and text, 30GB of shared data (now rolls over each month and we only use around 10gb/month total), and I'm on the AT&T network all for $41/month. I owe all of this to the MMM blog/forum for the motivation to lower my bill.