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Cost free move to Germany
« on: April 21, 2015, 07:33:10 AM »
I've stumbled upon MMM before, but with our current move I've been reading a lot more. My family (myself, husband, and almost 5 y/o daughter) moved to Germany about 3 weeks ago for a one year assignment. The move was for my husband's job.

The MMM factor comes in with our new expenses. We've given up our old apartment in the states, sold our cars, and moved what remains of our belongings into a storage unit (not so badass but we did shop around, take a 2nd floor unit, and paid in advance to save money). The job is paying for our German apartment (includes water, electric, and internet) and leasing a car (which we will barely use as the town is amazingly bike friendly). And food is cheaper here. I've redone our budget and we currently pay about 20 euro/month for cell phones and about 300 euro for food. Plus we spent 100 euro on bikes.

We are going to spend some extra money on travel this year, but some of it will be partially paid for too. There is a conference in Lisbon in July. We only have to pay for airfare for myself and my daughter.

My husband isn't completely on board with MMM, but I'm hoping this year will help get him there.