Author Topic: Convenience vs. Mustachianism  (Read 1433 times)


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Convenience vs. Mustachianism
« on: June 30, 2013, 03:39:57 PM »
Issue:  Pool (in ground) water level up to the rim from lots of rain lately.

Convenient Solution: Back-flush with pool pump (saltwater so need to pump away from grass and plants so I need a 75-100 foot long, 2 inch diameter back-flush hose) or purchase $80 sump pump at big store (use existing garden hoses).
Your Money or Your Life Thoughts: Go to work to raise the money to pay for: 1) the vehicle to get you to the store (and to work :(  ); 2) fuel, oil, and other related auto consumables; 3) the pump; and 4) the electricity to run the pump.  Also, my time to and from the big store in addition to finding a place to store the pump (and maintain over the years, if it survives for years).

Thoughtful/Mustachian Solution:  Connect the three hoses together (already have these), fill with water (closed nozzle on one end and filled from hose bib/spigot on the other), unhook from hose bib and drop in pool; remove nozzle from other end in the street drain - allow to FLOW (no sucking!).  One adjustment - set pool end of hose at the height I want the pool to drop to and walk away.

It's free, it's automatic, and now that it rained another inch today (and still raining) I can go about my business and let it go about it's business!

One more thoughtful item:  Depending on the direction the storms come from we can get an acidic rain needing sodium carbonate to get the PH up.  Waiting until I get the pool to the proper water lever before I balance the PH, saving effort, chemicals, and $s.

My point summarized is that we do a lot of things out of convenience, but many times there is a simple solution.  In this case, when you factor in the costs/hours I need to work to cover those costs, the first pathway isn't convenient after all.

Share your "convenience" stories please.  Maybe they can help someone else - like me!.