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Title: AmEx Delta BUSINESS Card churn!
Post by: ducky19 on October 31, 2017, 09:22:27 PM
So my wife and I already have the Delta AmEx cards and put the bonus miles we received to good use on a trip for the family to St. Croix. I was kind of bummed to find out I'll need to wait at least 7 years to be eligible for the bonuses again, though. Then I found out that AmEx business cards are considered their own cards and we ARE eligible for those signup bonuses! Also, for those who weren't aware, AmEx no longer has a limit to the number of cards you can have (used to be 4-5).

If you have any type of side hustle at all (Uber, rentals, selling on eBay, you name it), you qualify to get a business card with American Express. I used our rental properties as a sole proprietor so I didn't need an EIN. AmEx uses your personal income and credit score to approve you for the card, however their business cards don't show up on your personal credit score which is great if you're trying for a Chase card but are close to their 5/24 rule (my current situation).

You get the same benefits as the personal card (priority boarding, free checked bag, and a $50 statement credit). I use the statement credit to buy $50 gift cards on Delta that I'll use after the miles run out. The gift cards don't expire, either - I'll have $200 worth of gift cards from the personal and business cards combined. By signing my wife and I up for this card, we'll have 120,000 miles for our next adventure - I can hardly wait to start planning!

If you want in on the action, you can use the link below to receive 50,000 miles after $2k spend in 3 months, plus an additional 10,000 miles after an additional $1k spend in the first 6 months. The public offer on this card ends November 8th, but using my referral link you have until January 31, 2018 to apply. Full disclaimer, I will receive 10,000 bonus miles for each approved referral (up to 55,000/year) - feel free to apply and post your own referral link below!

Enjoy, and happy travels!