Author Topic: Adjusting homeowners insurance, getting a hail resistant roof deduction.  (Read 836 times)


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Paid a lot of money for a really good metal shingle roof in 2007.  Bought it before I knew what a mustachian was, but it hasn't been the worst thing I paid money for.

My insurance company, USAA, is offering pretty significant discounts with a hail resistant roof, but only on roofer certified roofs, and my roofer went out of business.  I called a roofer to take a look, and he let me know that he'd sign off on the documents if I paid for a roof inspection at $150.  Savings the first year = $500. 

Coupled with raising some deductibles, my insurance cost this year will decline by 33%.

Money in the bank :)


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Awesome! Great job!