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Title: 6% interest with saving seals
Post by: kander on February 10, 2015, 02:49:44 AM
At one of the Dutch supermarkets you can buy stamps with your groceries. For every euro you spend, you can buy one stamp of 10 cents. When you have 490 stamps (=worth 49), you can hand it in and you get 52 cash back. ( = 3 or 6% profit)

Because I don't spend al my money at this supermarket I have some tricks to get 490 stamps as fast as possible:
- When I know I have to buy something at a particular (web)shop, I buy a giftcard in the supermarket and ask for stamps with it.
- My mother buys stamps for me, when she buys her groceries.
- When I need to buy a birthday present I mostly buy it at this supermarket.

It's a little more work then putting money on a savings account, but which bank gives a interest of 12 on yearbase when you put in 49?! (I use the same 49 every time. When I get it back I put it in a jar and when I have bought stamps I get the money out of that yar)