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Pay the $5k. I wouldn't even think twice about it in your situation.
UK Tax Discussion / Re: When do you turn your central heating on?
« Last post by londonstache on Today at 05:49:08 AM »
I like to keep Mrs londonstache cold as long as possible, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold out before she starts vocally complaining. Planning to hold out until November at least.
The bonus is that she doesn't know how the thermostat works so hoping to be able to maintain it at a cost-effective 10C this year :)
Throw Down the Gauntlet / Re: Race from 250 to 500k!
« Last post by C-man23 on Today at 05:46:36 AM »
Just signing in thanks to a nice work relocation check.
The march towards a half M has begun.

August 2017: $222,303
October 2017: $278,011
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: The Ethics of Taking Sick Leave
« Last post by Norgirl on Today at 05:46:35 AM »
I had six weeks of personal leave saved up and felt the way you do.

Then suddenly out of the blue I got a debilitating illness. Viral the doctor said. Nothing anyone can do. Bed rest fluids and time. I asked how long does it ysually take? Guess what: six weeks.

I was lucky it only took four.

My advice: be glad you are not sick!

The odd mental health day is fine if you need it.
Throw Down the Gauntlet / Re: Race from 10 to 100k!!
« Last post by Pooperman on Today at 05:44:19 AM »
Dec-16: $32,870.70
Mar-17: $42,371.10

I can't wait to get over 50K!
And then life got so busy, I didn't even register when it happened..!

Aug-17: $49,222.48
Sep-17: $51,435.45

Great job! Hope that happens to me with my next milestone!


I'm currently frustrated that half my net worth is in transit between TIAA and Vanguard for a rollover and I almost choked when I opened Personal Capital and saw the net worth bottoming out. I can't believe in this day and age the rollover can't be totally electronic! They tell me it could take up to 2 weeks to arrive in my rollover account...

I transferred from Schwab to Vanguard via ACH so it is electronic for certain firm but not for all, I guess.
The guys at my work are shameless about it. We lose sick days every march, so people want to burn them before they are gone. We also can't have everyone be gone at the same time without notice. So yes, we have people literally schedule sick days, weeks in advance.

The only one it helps by not using them is your boss.
Mini Money Mustaches / Re: Skipping the State Fair
« Last post by chemistk on Today at 05:37:47 AM »
Regarding state fairs (really, any fair/festival either local or state) you really have to have a reason to go, and even go as far as to plan what you will/won't do.

Here in central PA, we have tons of fairs, festivals, etc. Most of them are free, but really the big reason we go (since we're not an agricultural family) is for our kids. Basically to see the animals, go to the petting zoo, ride a couple rides, eat some fair food. Once our kids outgrow the fairs, we'll stop going.

The thing you have to do is remember that, these days, the fair is pretty much about the food/games/rides for anyone who's not showing/buying an animal or tractor. If that's not something you really want to do but always happens anyway, I'd say it's time to stop attending.
No heating until the clocks go back! We use the woodburner mostly.
Ask a Mustachian / Re: How to save money on flights?
« Last post by boarder42 on Today at 05:33:46 AM »
So with a few Delta Cards you could make this happen.  You need 300k points and 926 bucks to fly roundtrip to london. - you could also fly to a different country and avoid the heathrow fees - they are what drive this up to 926.

How do you get 300k points?

1. Delta Gold - spend 2k in 3 months get 50k points 1k additional gets you 60k miles

2. Delta Platinum - spend 3k in 3 months get 70k miles - has 200 dollar annual fee not waived the first year. but with your first delta purchase you can get a 100 dollar statement credit so you simply buy a 100 dollar gift card and use that towards your flight fees.

if you and your husband each get one of these cards you'll have 136k points each. 

So to add to this you'd need to get one more roundtrip at 60k miles.  You could do this with the Delta Gold Business -

so now you've got enough points to make this work if you can spend the money.

There is an easy way to spend this money.

1. Go to Top Cash Back and creat an account if you dont have one.
2. Search for Gift card mall .com   
3. use link to go to gift card mall
4. at gift card mall select custom card
5. upload a picture
6. buy 2 - 500 dollar gift cards the first 3 times - after the first 3 times you can do 3- 500 per time
7. gift cards will be mailed to you
8. go to Walmart and ask to buy a money order for 999.30 - there is a 70c fee so this will make it 1k even
9. Tell the walmart rep that you have a 500 dollar limit on your debit card and that you need to do 500 per swipe.
10. walmart rep will key in 500. 
11. swipe your first card - pin is the last 4 digits
12. swipe your second card
13. walmart rep will give you money order
14. deposit money order in bank
15. pay off your credit card with your bank account

The best part is you will actually make money doing this.  each 500 dollar gift card has a 6.95 fee plus you have the 70c per 1k money order -  so total cost per 1k of manufactured spend is 14.60.  But you went thru top cash back and though it says 1% on Gift card orders its actually 2% for the custom cards -  so you will get 20 bucks back - making you 5.40 per transaction.

This is the most mustachian way to make this trip. - i would take it a step further and possibly fly in early to a different airport and take a train down to london.  I'd also make a family vacation out of it and see the country while you're there.

Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Convincing wife to be more...MMM
« Last post by chemistk on Today at 05:31:15 AM »
Mustachianism isn't everything.

Perfect response!

I second this sentiment. Also, as others have said, get the van. If/when my wife and I have out third we will be getting a van - you may be able to do it now, but it's just going to get more difficult.

Backing up for a second, as a supplement to Redmond's point, you have to remember that your wife runs the show when you are deployed. You really don't get to see firsthand what life is like when you're not there, and without additional support I can assure it's more difficult than you think. It sounds like your wife is willing to participate in at least somewhat of a mustachian lifestyle, save for one convenience.

I would also challenge you to step away from her car for a second and look for other opportunities. How big is your house? Do you guys eat out a lot? What kinds of hobbies do you have? What's your saving strategy look like? It would seem like MMM hyper focuses on cars, but that's just because it's some of the lowest hanging fruit (after moving closer to your job which in your case doesn't exactly apply).
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