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Ask a Mustachian / Re: Emergency funds strategizing
« Last post by GuitarStv on Today at 08:10:48 AM »
I don't keep emergency funds (just a few grand in a single bank account shared by my wife and me in order to avoid fees..  I have money invested in a mix of bonds and stocks.  If I need money, I'll withdraw it from my investments.  I withdraw money in a way that re-balances investments, so if stocks are doing poorly this means that bonds are more heavily withdrawn and if bonds are doing poorly this means stocks are more heavily withdrawn.  This is what I expect to be doing during retirement as well.

I'm still working, so often times I can just avoid making my usual retirement contributions to cover unexpected expenses.

If you have a sizable amount saved, I don't see any benefit to keeping emergency funds, rainy day funds, saving up for something (downpayment/roof replacement/new car/etc.).
Man, that's a lot of wagen in that name.

Anyway, I found a 2014 sportwagen and bought it in cash for $6800. I registered it the next day for $137 and sent it right to my mechanic to inspect it and slap some new shoes on that puppy.

Gave me a call to let me know that it's a solid car, needs typical maintenance and brakes and the tires but overall pretty good deal.

Now even though I wont win any style points, not having a car payment and averaging 30mpg, I'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Just an FYI; those cars are gross polluters and VW has admitted to fraud with their emissions systems. 

At times they are 50X allowable limits. 

Just so you're aware you're dumping your environmental external costs onto others while keeping savings for yourself.

Its a used car, so unless you are going to buy it and then have it scrapped... your comment is not relevant.

it is relevant if we're going to live in a moral and just world. 
Touche. Much as I loved B42, he wasn't without his [mostly grammatical] faults. But then, who the hell is?
Mini Money Mustaches / Re: Babyproofing for toddler independence later on
« Last post by Cranky on Today at 08:07:14 AM »
I bought a box of those patches that attach with command strips for the lucky parents of my grandboy, and they have used them liberally since they are in a rental.

Heís 2.5 and now that he can put on his own shoes, he sees no reason why he shouldnít open the front door and make an exit.

When my own kids were that age, our baby proofing was fairly simple - we just didnít have a lot of stuff to begin with and it wasnít hard to put things out of reach. This time around itís been more challenging because we have so many more hazards to try and make inaccessible!
Ask a Mustachian / Re: Car Question
« Last post by tyler2016 on Today at 08:06:09 AM »

The problem with a private party sale is the lein holder might not release the lien to the new owner until the loan is paid off. You may have to get another type of loan to make up the difference. Consider HELOC, unsecured bank loan, 401k loan, etc.

This weekend I got two more things out of my house. We gave a game to a friend and gave him back a game that he left at our place months ago.

Today is my last day of unemployment and while I didn't get as much decluttering done as I had hoped, I'm happy with how things are going. The office bothers me much less than it used to and I think once we change out the futon for a more appropriate loveseat I'll actually want to spend some time in there :) The closet needs more reorganizing, but I realized that will be a slower process than I assumed. I'm not really trying to get rid of anything, just organize it better and for me organizing things "correctly" is a matter of finding what "feels right" (which is kinda woo woo but if it "feels right" then things naturally get put back in their "correct" place and the house stays cleaner) and that takes longer than just finding a place that "should be right"
Let us mourn Boarder42 for a while before you start up this "silly debate" again.

Sorry to be redundant, but in case you missed it there's a dedicated thread where you can go do that.
It's perfectly fine to mourn B42 wherever you like. Anywhere and everywhere, as often as needed.

I wasn't saying that anyone couldn't do that.  For the sake of keeping other topics on topic I was sharing the link to the place where such comments would be both on topic and welcome by all.

But I will admit, one way to accurately honor b42's legacy is to endlessly hijack other threads.  ;)
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Newbie here! Calculating expenses
« Last post by Dabnasty on Today at 08:06:02 AM »

There is a sticky here with a link to the case study spreadsheet, but before you fill it out I would recommend looking through some of the already submitted cases. Different people use different methods to account for debt repayment and looking at examples you'll see which methods make sense to you.

When it comes to putting extra towards loan repayment, my personal preference would be to not account for it as an expense, but rather lump it in with savings. In my mind you're not spending money, you're just adding to an account that happens to be negative at the moment. It makes sense to include minimum payments as those must be accounted for on a monthly basis, but after that you should be pouring any extra money into the debt. Of course, that's assuming the interest on said debt is greater than returns you can expect from investments. This sticky can help with that decision:
Outpatient economic care is only going to make them addicted instead of solving the cause.
I feel the need to point out (yet again) that although Boarder42 never admitted it - his information was US centric.  If you don't live in the US it's very important that you double check and re-run his numbers.  For many of us, paying off your mortgage sooner is not the slam dunk he constantly sold everyone.
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