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Case Studies / Re: Case Study: Finally admitting I am an adult
« Last post by landstuhltaylor on Today at 05:35:40 PM »
Current monthly take home is about $4600, varies a bit and working on increasing that. Yes the credit card debt is insane you will get absolutely zero arguments from me. I haven't seen a mechanic in ~9 years so all of the vehicles is done by me. One oil change on the bike every year, two on the main car, two on the race car, and one on the M3. All budgeted maintenance accounted for either in the Other category or rolled into the racing budget (which is a high estimate, I don't think it will be that).

Again, I know this is all stupid. My motivation for posting was to slap myself in the face once again. While I blame most of it on the injuries ($7k deductible and hit it both years) a lot of it was having everything else auto-paid and convincing myself that somehow the next months budget wouldn't include XYZ expense. Every time I think about buying something I don't need I will open this thing up first.

Up until recently I reffed hockey games on the side for $400/mo but I found I was always tired, ate like crap, and was always stressed out. Didn't seem worth it at the end of the day when all the other costs associated with getting to the games was factored in.
The fact that you all come to defend your case constantly for your personal situation speaks volumes more than I think you know. Who are you trying to convince yourself.

If there were one member who appeared in every -- and I do mean every -- single thread on the topic, crusading for a certain point of view, would that not also speak volumes?

Have you found Jesus?
Is he still missing?
Does Jesus have math to prove he is the son of God?

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Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Republican Tax Plan 2017
« Last post by BTDretire on Today at 05:34:01 PM »
What I don't understand are the heft tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations while, at the same time, reducing deductions for students
with student loan debt.  Really???  That's your priority?

Very revealing.
No sure what post you are responding to.
 I'm not concerned if the wealthy don't get a tax reduction, but I do
want the corporations to get cuts.
 Which deductions are being reduced for students?
Their debt is just that their debt, no relation to taxes at all.
If I buy a new car should we adjust taxes for that.
Ask a Mustachian / Re: What board game for a gift?
« Last post by ixtap on Today at 05:33:52 PM »
Forget all the good suggestions above. Please buy him Hanabi and let us know how the heck you can possibly win this game! We think we might be playing too conservatively.
Mini Money Mustaches / Re: Annoying friends of my child - what to do?
« Last post by BlueHouse on Today at 05:32:41 PM »
Have you actually said to the girls the specific words, "I know I have allowed this in the past, but you cannot come over to play any more without notice. If you want to come and play, your [dad, grandma, whoever] should ring me up the day before and ask"? If you have not used your words at the children, how will they know that this is a permanent change in the status quo? Then you can decide what regularity of play dates suits you (weekly? Fortnightly? Monthly??) and schedule them in advance at a time that suits you. And use your words at your daughter too: "If [friend] and [friend] want to come over, tell them your Mum said a grown up has to ring up the day before and ask." Your daughter may well be glad to have you to be bad cop. If you can, get in touch with their parents too. It may be that the girls have said that you said it was OK. Make it clear what the new arrangements are.

If you just fob them off when they turn up, they will keep coming. Use your words kindly and clearly and stick to the "a grown up rings up the day before" rule.
Shelivesthedream nailed it. 
Right now, these girls and their family are on your nerves because they crossed the boundaries and you are fed up.  Maybe they'll behave back into your good graces and maybe not.  lay down the law, then IF an adult calls to set up a play date and you're not ready yet, just say "they've been spending so much time together lately, we need a little break.  Let's look into this again next month"
The Moldovans objected to the fee and according to a court petition, Polito emailed Neely on January 14, 2015 and “requested that Neely select the album cover, with the intention of waiving the cost of the cover.”

The couple objected to the fee for the album cover. The photographer offered to waive the fee. That was exactly what the couple was asking for. Why didn't the couple accept this offer? Am I reading this right?
I MUST severely admonish you for driving 300 miles with the oil warning light on.  This is just so, SO bad of a thing to do!
Did you check the oil level?!?   If low (which was probably the issue since an oil change 'fixed' it), adding even cheap oil from a convenience store / gas station would be better than nothing.  Adding used oil would have been better than doing nothing...

You need to find a different, non-dealer, service provider.   If you have no one and no where to get a recommendation, go to google maps for your city town and search for "auto repair".  Look at a few of the ones it finds and note their review rating (0-5).  Call a couple of the higher rated ones and make an appt. with one that sounds friendly and professional.
nexus, thank you for weighing in. Something to think about.

In the meantime, I looked at CREF's Social Choice R2 has an "estimated expense charge of .38%". What the what?! The Target Fund I have with CREF says
Gross / Net Expense Ratio
0.78% / 0.67%

Does this mean what I think it means--that it's costing me an arm and a leg to have these two accounts??

Holy mother of a moose...

TIAA-CREF's lifecycle funds as a very bad deal compared to just holding the underlying funds.
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Epic FU money stories
« Last post by mm1970 on Today at 05:31:11 PM »
2 good new stories, yay!
Case Studies / Re: Case Study: Finally admitting I am an adult
« Last post by MDM on Today at 05:31:01 PM »
The good news is the 50% match on the 401k is probably higher than the credit card interest, so keep getting the 401k match.

After that, why put any money beyond life essentials (however you define that) into anything other than getting rid of the CC debt (assuming that is ~18% or higher)?  As Warren Buffett said, "If you’re willing to pay 18% on a credit card, you will not come out well."
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