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Off Topic / Re: Secret Sauce - US Pharma
« Last post by Tyler durden on Today at 07:38:01 AM »
Abe - thank you that was a very thoughtful analysis.

Seemingly the US has a potent mix of government funding and private enterprise working well together to help create the secret sauce. I still remained impressed that a country with 4% of global population contributes to 57% of new drug development. Someone above mentioned we are 50% of global market cap so it would make sense we provide close to 50% of new drugs... this reinforces my point from a different direction. The US is 50% of global market cap with only 4% of population... impressive!

The Biden Admin is about to waive the IP protections for Moderna/Pfizer JNJ. Next time we need them for an operation warp speed type project I wonder if they'll join, or will the state sponsored theft dissuade them. Time will tell. 
Throw Down the Gauntlet / Re: Happiness challenge
« Last post by Serendip on Today at 07:37:15 AM »
Bought hiking boots yesterday (mine have been needing replacing, they are 14 years old!) and a motto on the box said "no place too far". Somehow this made me very happy.

It was a moment of appreciation for the act of walking and how all sorts of people in all sorts of places in all types of shoes (boots, sandals, gumboots, bare feet, etc) engage daily in moving these precious body-ships around via simple self-propelled locomotion.
Real Estate and Landlording / Re: 4 plex as a primary residence
« Last post by theoverlook on Today at 07:36:59 AM »
Note it's a FSBO. When the owner comes back to earth in a few months he or she might be better able to negotiate. But there's no reason to bite on a FSBO after 3 days of listing.
It says it's in contract now.
I walk and listen to the Stanford lectures on Human Behavioural Biology by Robert Sapolsky or episodes of This American Life.  The Sapolsky lectures are good to listen to in order and there are lots of interesting and sometimes bizarre insights from research into human mis/behaviour.   I loved This American Life episode 165 - An American in Paris: Him Talk Pretty about David Sedaris and episode 721- the Walls Close In about the orchestra pit of the phantom of the opera.

Thereís really not much better out there than This American Life.

After listening to Ira Glass  for years Iím a little tired of him, but TAL  set the standard for podcasts. Iím surprised really about how many just plain bad canít podcast series there are out there.

At the moment I am addicted to Joe Rogan but I can see that coming to an end because Iím a little tired of his geewhiz I didnít know that commentary about certain things that most of us know about.

Real Estate and Landlording / Re: Hold Ups on Appraisal?
« Last post by theoverlook on Today at 07:30:34 AM »
I wanted to have an appraisal done for tax valuation reasons and I went through several appraisers (two of which I've used before!) because they were all too busy to take on work that wasn't for a contracted bank client. I finally found a one man shop with time to do it. I know you can't do that with an appraisal for banks, but just letting you know that it's not an isolated incident.
Off Topic / Re: Words/phrases I wish would go away
« Last post by RetiredAt63 on Today at 07:28:26 AM »
Here's one I love: "pulling out all the stops" - refers to basically turning on every single rank of pipes on an organ, for maximum volume.  (I love it because I'm an organist, if only a mediocre one)
I had no idea, that's so cool!

I always imagine tenterhooks being a cat's claws, although I could be wrong. I picture a cat hanging from a ledge by it's claws when I hear that phrase.
I've never looked it up before now. Apparently they are hooked nails used in making wool cloth (hundred of years ago).

There are masses of them based on all the stages of cloth making.  A historian does an interesting blog, he spent some time looking at historical cloth making:
Off Topic / Re: What TV series do you like?
« Last post by iris lily on Today at 07:26:18 AM »
The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow is pretty funny. It is about a self important actress whose time has passed, but her career is revived in a tv sitcom. Her hunger for fame is the running joke.

Kudrowís video series called Web Therapy is also about a self important therapist who practices in front of a camera. It is more of a sketch comedy, but it has great guest appearances from well known actors. This Kudrow character is obnoxious, while .the .comeback star is just to be pitied.

speaking of good series not well known by former Friends stars, Matt LeBlancís show Eisode is good, too.
^^ That's another good point - just beacuse X failed at 80k miles doesn't mean it's always going to fail 80k later.  Often, if it's a weak point from the factory for whatever reason, the aftermarket has figured out solutions to it.  It's worth asking - and a reason to try and find a specialized aftermarket shop.  A dealership probably will replace the failed part with the OEM component (that's likely to fail again, if they haven't reworked it).  A random shop that doesn't know those vehicles well will likely do the same.  And the shop that specialized in those cars will know exactly what happened, how to prevent it, and the right way to fix it for the rest of the car's lifespan.

I got mine done through a friend at the dealer. But for some good news, somehow my car passed emissions. So I'll be getting a full once over by a mechanic, probably repairing a few things, and hopefully getting another year out of it. I'm pretty happy to not be on a timeline to replace it by the end of the month!
Case Studies / Re: Coast FI? 403b/457b loan musical chairs
« Last post by tamuaggie2011 on Today at 07:23:36 AM »
Other posters have been way nicer but I'm sorry I just can't.

You're talking about intentionally taking out loans to effectively make yourself look way more poor than you actually are in order to get benefits that are intended for people who really need them. Doing all of this meanwhile while people such as myself pay for you to do that.

Spend the energy you put into "beating the system" on just increasing your savings and your income and you'll be more than set and be self-reliant as well. As others have said outside of the obvious immorality surrounding such a plan, it's a house of cards built on a bunch of government programs all staying the same over several years best of luck in that regard.
Throw Down the Gauntlet / Re: Happiness challenge
« Last post by TheFrenchCat on Today at 07:22:47 AM »
My other recent happy event is learning that DD (age 7) solved her own problem. DD is a bit of a scatterbrain and has had difficulty remembering which days her after school activities (ASAs) are on. On ASA days, she is supposed to go to the gym at school to wait for her ASA teacher. Sheís gotten flustered and upset a few times for going into the pick-up line instead of the ASA line, and then gotten upset at me for not reminding her that it was an ASA day.

Last night, I noticed that she had written ďasaĒ beside the Tuesday and Thursday heading in her homework book. When I asked her, she said she came up with that idea by herself to help her remember when she had an ASA. Iím very happy that sheís taking the initiative to solve the problem instead of blaming others.
Wow, that's impressive!  I love when my daughter (5) figures out her own solutions.
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