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Meetups and Social Events / Re: North Alabama Meet-Up
« Last post by Mustache_In_Training on Today at 10:20:24 AM »
Hey! I would be down for meetup. I'm not on forums often, but I'll try to be more diligent about checking this thread.
Off Topic / Re: [Rant] Company holiday party.
« Last post by Dicey on Today at 10:19:40 AM »
Hey I got a peek behind the scenes courtesy of a coworker. CW said that boss wanted to ask a local restaurant to host a potluck. Rent us tables and we'd bring our own food potluck style. That would give a select few personnel who like to drink access to the restaurant bar CW and I agreed. Can't have alcohol in our office (appearances).

Good grief.

We could have had a Christmas party there where everyone went "Dutch" and bought their own meals at about $10 or so per head.

Nobody wanted to be the one that had to call the restaurant and ask awkward questions about bringing our own food to a restaurant so it just didn't get done.

What!!! I believe someone on this forum went down in flames for suggesting showing up at a restaurant and using their space for free... You should direct that coworker here to be tarred and feathered.

OP, I hope your entire crew just boycotts the party. Worst idea ever.
Solution here is to rent some kind of neutral space. A VFW Hall an Elk's lodge, community center, church kitchen, etc, but an afternoon off is much easier, lol.
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Best States to Live in
« Last post by COEE on Today at 10:19:19 AM »
Stay away from Utah!!!

Although the cost of living is somewhat cheap, it's a depressing place to live in, if you are not a Mormon!

Can you elaborate more? I’ve heard this a lot and have speculations, but would like some clearer examples. The state has crossed our FIRE list a few times (moreso southern Utah)

+1 - I've been thinking about apply to some jobs in the Logan area... would love to hear some more qualitative information about why it would be so miserable for a small non-religious family there.

I don't think Trump spends any time with Pence except when he's using him as a man-prop during some TV op (and even then Pence often looks deeply uncomfortable, like during the Trump/Pelosi/Schumer meeting last week)

Pence was forced to sit for a social call with a woman without Mother around...

There was a woman in the room...oh my!

Seriously?  How would he ever function as President?  The PM of the UK and the Chancellor of Germany are both women.  Plus state visits, the Governor General of Canada is a woman.

It bugs the crap out of me when people point to Pence's refusal to be alone in a room with a woman as [positive] aspects of his 'integrity' and 'character'. 
How could excluding women and treating them like vile temptresses only approprately handled in public possibly be construed as a good thing in this century?
The commercial address database is a pain in the ass. We live in a no tax state but nobody else in our families does, and likely never will. Urgh!

I want my next car to be a plug in hybrid. I'm pretty disappointed they're getting cancelled in favor of pure electrics. The volt and the Audi a3 etron are both ending production for example. The a3 was pretty near the top of my list, the volt wasn't. Not only does the Audi look like a normal car it's the only way to get the sportback/hatchback version of the a3 in the United States and I very much prefer a hatchback to a sedan. I was hoping they'd give the next generation more all electric range (30 miles vs 17?? Don't recall current number) would cover 90% of trips I make in a year.
Realistically it's at least three more years before I switch cars unless something unexpected happens so there's still a chance for this trend to reverse or get this year's model coming off a lease around then.
Off Topic / Re: R.I.P. Boarder42
« Last post by SnackDog on Today at 10:16:16 AM »
I agree. Two or maybe three posts per thread is plenty to make your point and any clarifications. Then move on and let others make their points.
Update:  Less than 24 hours later and I read through May 20, 2011 blogs.  I wish the posts were numbered and organized in the web address accordingly so I could return to the next one easier.  Any tricks for this?

Mustachian goals for today:

  • unfollow any insta account that tricks me into thinking I need something. For example I follow some of my favorite brands, and some overlanding and travel inspirational accounts that plant a seed for an expensive purchase I don't need.
  • Building a piece of cabinetry
  • Not driving anywhere
  • Minimizing 2 items by putting them ebay

Good goals! I recently unsubscribed from a lot of emails that would tempt me to buy, need to do the same on IG.

I started a thread recently in the “throw down the gauntlet” section of this forum about tracking spending for 2019. Feel free to join in as a way to help hold yourself accountable!
Off Topic / Re: "Internet Community" is a stupid concept
« Last post by Free Spirit on Today at 10:14:54 AM »
Wow, I'm glad I read this, I've been so naive to think the people I've chatted with online with for years aren't my friends. Even though I know everything about them, their hopes and dreams, their likes and dislikes, and we've helped each other through the good and the bad. Thank you, today I shall tell my "friends" they aren't my real friends since we don't interact in real life. Or maybe I'll just ghost them since they don't matter. PHEW! I can't believe how silly I've been! </s>

Your ideas to cultivate real life friendships sound exhausting to me. I'm an introvert and I vastly prefer my social interactions to be online rather than in-person. I also work in a very public facing role (bartender) so, by the end of the day I'm so worn out by people and just want to be left alone. My hobbies are solo endeavors, I have no desire to attend or host a game night or dinner party, and since I work evenings most people are at work when I'm free and vise versa. I am a night owl.

I don't subscribe to any social media platforms besides the MMM forums. No facebook, instagram, snapchat, or whatever people are into these days. I do, however, play a few online games and have mantained contact with some of my "fake internet friends" for years. No, I have not met most of them in real life but I do consider them real friends (sorry to break it to you). We do exchange phone numbers and text regularly to keep in touch. We send letters and gifts and talk frequently about our real lives. I don't see how this is any different than a long distance relationship, but maybe I've been duped all this time.
Do it Yourself Discussion! / Breaker Box Clearance
« Last post by Dupton on Today at 10:13:07 AM »
Hi guys.

Wondering if someone with better knowledge of residential electrical code could help out (I know some industrial but mainly around 480).  I tried searching the internet and NEC at the library but I couldn't decipher a clear answer.

I have 2 200 amp breaker boxes in my basement.  They are currently in the "gym" and the cubby they're in "freaks out" my wife.  Previous owner walled in partially, which I was told is out of code. 

My question, what is acceptable to do to cover this area?


-Boxes are ~40 inched edge to edge
-As you can see this is also where my internet comes in (in AT&T's infinite wisdom I have to keep their router as a gateway hence the 2nd router which is going to be relocated).  My coax also comes in here (no internet or satellite of course) so I would like to be able to access this area for main power in, fiber in, running circuits to panels, and eventually, hopefully, solar power coming in.

My question:

-With the boxes wider than a 36" door, I assume cannot use in this situation?
-How much space has to be in front of panels?  I assume when working on it's 48"?
-Any other items that would need to be done? 


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