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People from California are selling their houses like crazy and retiring to the surrounding states. We downsized in retirement and moved into town from the suburbs. Our neighborhood was not popular 7 years ago but it has exploded and became gentrificated.  We couldn’t afford to buy here now.
Off Topic / Re: Ladies - mammograms
« Last post by Abe on Today at 10:34:23 PM »
You're right that it will probably be like your last time. Some statistics that I hope reassure you: about 90% of women who get "call-backs" have either nothing on further imaging (what was concerning-looking turns out to be just how tissue overlaid on that particular image) or whatever is found isn't a cancer. I wish they could be more efficient at doing further imaging the same day instead of making you wait! Some places do this now, so do consider that since this is the second time you've gone through this stress.
1- work minimum wage while also attending community college on student loans.
2- finish your engineering degree at university, continue to work minimum wage and take loans
3- graduate and get any engineering job you can, the salary will increase in time
4- aggressively pay back your 100k in student loans over 3-5 years.
5- spend 10-15 years saving 50-75% of your income now that your loans are paid off
Nursing is a pretty great choice too, with similar salaries, less variance in outcome, near certainty of finding employment anywhere in the world at any time, and much lower costs! (if you like that line of work, which I do not so I am an engineer)
My SO:
1. Got Certified Nursing Assistant certificate, a 1-month cert that nearly guarantees at least 1.5x minimum wage in low-paid-places and more in better-paid ones, and gets foot in door
2. Went to school at a community college for 4 years to get a nursing degree/license. Tuition was $5k per year and covered 100% by scholarships and grants.
3. Brought in $15k/yr working breaks and odd weekends and nights while in school
4. Will have made more than $70k in first year of full time employment
5. In second full year could make as much as this experienced engineer by working just a little overtime. We could both have $100k+ jobs next year!
6. No student loans! Nursing degrees are cheap and at available nearly every university and community college!
Off Topic / Re: What TV series do you like?
« Last post by iris lily on Today at 10:28:17 PM »
It took me half a season but I finally got into Bosch on Amazon.  It is actually really good.  A little cheesy at times, and some of the casting is questionable, but it is nice to see some familiar faces from The Wire and Justified.  Recommend for fans of SOA and the The Shield.

Oh! Whoah! sO!a and The Shield and The Wire and Justified!!

Ok now, gotta try it.
Damn near anything sold at a Goodwill.
Oh, God no. My Goodwill is ridiculously overpriced. It's very close to my house, and super easy to get to, but I just don't bother anymore. Yech.

I regularly see this. Secret musta got out on our side of the country...

Honestly with sites like eBay, Craigslist, and now the OfferUp app it's getting harder to find good deals on lightly used things. Fortunately it's easier to get rid of unnecessary things.
My favorite was the time share guys.
Reader Recommendations / Re: Caffeine Pills - stay with me here...
« Last post by Johnez on Today at 10:13:52 PM »
Tried em. First day felt effing amazing, most productive work day ever. Rest of the week good. Next week back to normal. Couldn't ever get that focus from the first day back. Coffee tastes great, I'm "trained" to wake up with it, and it has more than caffeine (helps the uh.... digestive system). Coffee>pill, for me.
Australia Tax Discussion / Re: #Auspol - Australia Votes 2019!
« Last post by alsoknownasDean on Today at 10:11:20 PM »
Alternatively a discount or exemption on stamp duty for buyers over a certain age, spending less than a certain amount on a property.

There's similar stamp duty exemptions for FHB in Victoria already.
Investor Alley / Re: Cash versus bonds?
« Last post by Radagast on Today at 10:01:22 PM »
Right now money market has the upper hand, but for the longest time its returns were around 0.5% while high yield savings were above 1%.
True, it's only been higher for about a year!

I recently sold some stocks and and so far left the money in the sweep account because I wanted to time the market a certain SO expressed interest in buying a house in 1-3 years and the current 100% stock allocation was rather high for that goal. I had planned on chasing account sign up bonuses but now I'm looking at them: "is that $200 really worth all the hassle and mental effort (limited resource)? plus we'll just get another tax form." Pretty soon I will allocate to something with better yields, but it is hard since for all I know the house purchase is 1-10 years out.
Off Topic / Re: Game of Thrones is back!!
« Last post by wenchsenior on Today at 10:01:01 PM »
So for those of you that have hated this season...what specifically were you wanting to see/expecting to see? 

:not snark, truly curious:

Well, during the Battle of Winterfell, I would have liked to be able to see anything!

Actually, I didn't hate the season. I really liked the second episode, when they're all at Winterfell waiting for the army of the Night King to arrive. The Battle of Winterfell disappointed me, because I have always found their battle scenes to be incredibly compelling (even though in most movies I don't care for them), and while the battle against the Night King had spectacular moments (that scene where the Dothraki ride out with flaming swords and the all the lights just...go out), I didn't think the directors did as good a job creating a narrative throughline. I didn't even mind that the show killed off Daenarys, but the show skipped way too many steps between strong-willed ruler and genocide.

The one minor hope that didn't go anywhere was that I always thought Tyrion and Sansa would make a good pair (other than the age difference) if they went back to being married. I thought maybe they were hinting around during the scenes in the crypt, but it didn't go anywhere.

DH was also rooting for Sansa/Tyrion the entire show, so he was also kind of bummed out.

Re the battle at Winterfell, I had no idea until the week afterward how many people literally could not see it well enough to even know what characters they were watching, and thus couldn't even follow the action. That is incredible, and certainly would have affected our enjoyment if it had been the case at our house. I'd have been pissed!   But we didn't have any trouble like that.  We just have a regular tv (more than 10 years old) and regular subscription HBO, and while a couple scenes (mainly some aerial stuff of ravens flying and the dragons flying through ash, smoke, and snow) were dark and murky and a little pixelated b/c of all the dark shades layered on each other, all the rest of the episode was perfectly viewable and we had no trouble identifying who was fighting and/or dying in any given scene. And we both assumed those aerial shots were supposed to be very difficult to see and disorienting (I think Drogon and Jon's dragon almost collided at one point b/c of lack of visibility...)   

I agree with criticism in this thread that the battle itself wasn't very logical or well-strategized. 

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