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Getting my feet wet
« on: July 30, 2018, 02:57:11 PM »
So my DW and I already have a SFH rental, and we recently bought a condo to do the same. The SFH is managed by someone else (it has been since we got it, but won't be once there's a change in tenancy). This time around, I listed, showed, and did the paperwork for the condo lease. It was both more and less work than I thought. Plenty of interest made it go quickly (maybe it was priced too low even after I researched comps). Zillow/Trulia/HotPads/whatever else is in their group took care of the application fee/process. I just chose the best one. We're going with electronic payments with Zelle through personal banking apps.

The renter moved in yesterday and all seems well. I may look to buy in that complex again if the price is right. Anyway, this forum provides another outlet to talk about DIY property management, real estate, and general awesomeness. It is a nice feeling to have that rent coming in for a small bit of effort up front.