Author Topic: What am I looking at? Plaster wall, paint texture (see pic)  (Read 897 times)


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So I'm considering buying a single family, cheap, that I would consider a fixer upper. It appears all the fixing is cosmetic on the interior. One thing I do not like is the textured walls. I think that's plaster underneath, but I'll let you look at the picture . The picture is where a wall meets the trim on a door, and you can see the textured paint, as well as the wall underneath. I'm sure there is lead paint in there as it is an older home, so scraping it off may not be an option (cheaply anyway).

Has anyone here removed or painted over a textured wall before? Does it work well? What about just installing drywall over top?

By the way the picture is sideways not sure why.
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Re: What am I looking at? Plaster wall, paint texture (see pic)
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Textured with unpainted plaster underneath.

I have some textured in my house. Was taken care of by previous owner and haven't had to repaint it. Don't imagine it's that difficult.

Depending on the condition, I might just paint over it in your case. Taking it off is probably a pain, and that plaster likely is going to have to be sealed.

If you have to remove it and you can do the work yourself, I'd take it down to studs and put up drywall. Otherwise get bids for both sealing it and painting or removing and drywalling. Didn't mention the quality of rental.