Author Topic: Thinking about renting, maybe a house or townhouse..question for landlords  (Read 2899 times)


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I wouldn't mind renting long-term if the place to me felt like a true home of my own. I'd be willing to shovel driveways and mow lawn and keep the place looking neat. I'd enjoy gardening and growing my own vegetables so keep that in mind when you think of this tenant.

I'd also want to use the garage though, for woodworking, welding and working on cars. I realize "no oil stains" is the big one here, I'd take care of that.

Welding is what I think would immediately scare people off. My IDEAL landlord would agree with me that I could run a 240V outlet to the garage (if there wasn't one already) and I'd be willing to pay the electrician bill here so no cost to the owner and is a slightly value added feature for them. I am actually an apprentice electrician by trade so I could obviously DIY but that is not good for the home owner so we'd do it right. But I am willing to use a 120V welder with less power to make use of the outlets that are already there.

The other is pets, ideally we'd own 2 dogs in addition to the 2 cats we already have.

Does welding and working on cars automatically make this tenant a "no-go"? That is the main thing holding me back on renting vs. owning, I'd like to own for the true feeling of freedom to do what I want in my own house/garage but renting is financially the better option for me. With the high cost of older 2bed apartments for very little value I find spending a few hundred dollars more in my target city for a townhouse with garage or detached house is what I'd ultimately like to do long term, and use the rent vs. own savings toward investments.


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It'll depend on the landlord.

There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to find someone willing to accommodate that.
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It's not the hobbies ... its the PETS that scare me.

I have insurance if you burn the place down ... no problem.  But scratch every molding and trash every rug (urine, hair,  ... poop) and that costs me more than your security deposit.  Never had ONE pet in a unit where the rugs didn't need to be changed - let alone FOUR.

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I don't think any insurance company is going to be happy about welding, whether you own or rent. No way would a townhouse HOA allow welding in an attached garage.  Lots of cities and most HOA's prohibit working on cars out in the open.  I allow pets, but two dogs and two cats are too many.

Your best bet might be to buy a house in an older area of your town that is near commercial uses.  Find a neighborhood where similar uses seem to be permitted or at least ignored.  Possibly you could rent in an area like that if you find a willing landlord.


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This is definitely going to depend on the area you are renting in! We own in a blue collar area where everything you are talking about is normal. I don't think we have anything in our leases about oil stains!

Pets: we are pet people and have always allowed pets. I think we've had like 41 tenant years so far and only one tenant let the carpet get bad.


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I'd have no problem fulfilling you wish list.  I would make very clear that I don't want the place to look like a junkyard or used car lot though.