Author Topic: Started an area FB page for landlords--Need advice  (Read 612 times)


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Started an area FB page for landlords--Need advice
« on: March 08, 2016, 07:30:03 AM »
I just started a FB page for landlords and prop managers in my community, in hopes of sharing advice, trends we are seeing with tenants, etc. Within the first 5 minutes, I've had 4 requests to join. Great! Except at first glance, none of these people appear to be employed, of age, etc., let alone property owners. I know, I know--I'm making a lot of assumptions here. Our local property rental groups have become a battle ground of tenants vs. landlords, and my intent was to create a safe space for landlords to share info (not tenant specific--just general trends, etc.) Should I be vetting these people before I let them join? Ignore requests? Block people who start trouble?
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