Author Topic: single family home private sale without escrow or title; documents  (Read 1675 times)


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I am trying to purchase a property from my uncle without going throw escrow or title company. It would just be a private sale. I am okay keeping it simple, as the tenant is current on payments, and there are no outstanding bills, and property taxes are paid. Mid-lease inspection has been done by the property management company. I actually was going to purchase the property from a wholesaler last year, but ended up letting him purchase it, so it had already gone through title. He has decided he did not want to be a rental landlord and is okay selling it to me for a good price.

Does anyone have any blank purchase contracts this type of transaction?

Also, would a purchaser's affidavit + special warranty deed be sufficient? Anyone have any blank documents of these?

Anything I'm missing?

My thoughts are, we sign the purchase contract, get a purchaser's affidavit and special warranty deed notarized, and then I can record with the local county.