Author Topic: San Diego relo (Carmel Valley, Rancho Penasquitos, 4S, Scripps Ranch, Poway)  (Read 3404 times)


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Hey All,

My wife and I are re-locating to the San Diego CA area in about a month, hooray!
Moving away from the snow in the northeast :)

First of all, do any SD MMM landlords need to fill a rental unit for the next 3-5 months? :-)
My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a home and require temporary housing until the sale is finalized.
We would be great, clean, professional tenants!

I've thought about booking an extended stay hotel which looks to run about $2k/mo (furnished)
A 3-5 month lease at most apartment complex's runs about $2500 for a 1b/b (unfurnished).
Does anyone have any experience doing this and can offer their experience/insights?
There does not seem to be a very MMM way of securing short-term housing...
Ideally we could close on a home ASAP and avoid renting all together, but I don't think this is possible/wise.

Secondly - to anyone that currently lives in the San Diego area, can you help us narrow down our search space?
We are looking for a 3-4 bed home, in a nice safe/quite area (ideally close to the 805), north of the 52.

Current neighborhoods:
4S Ranch
Scripps Ranch
Rancho Penasquitos
Carmel Valley
Torrey Pines
Mira Mesa

Does anyone live in any of these neighborhoods?  We are late 20s and would like to find a home to start/raise a family.
So far, Rancho Penasquitos / 4S area gave us the best vibes when driving around. Though homes are not cheap - ~700K...

Any tips from the locals would be much appreciated!

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I used to live in SD. Rented in the La Jolla/University City area.

Check out University city(basically the area north of the 52 between the 5 and the 805). Loved the area, although the homes proved to be out of my price range at the time. But its centrally located, close to the coast, the I-5, the 805, and the 52, and its a nice, quiet neighborhood. If you can, buy a home west of Genesee Ave if you want the marine layer to hang around longer into the day, east if you would rather have the sun and a warmer day. Remember the farther away from the coast, the warmer/colder it gets. Good schools in the area.

Congrats on the move. If you can afford, SD might be the best city in the US.

Rundowns on the others:
4S Ranch - Dont know
Scripps Ranch - Nice area, a little too far from the coast so it warms up in the afternoon.
Rancho Penasquitos - Same as above
Carmel Valley - Nice, traffic sucks. I mean, traffic sucks everywhere in SoCal, but this area seemed especially prone.
Torrey Pines - Very nice, a little snooty.
Mira Mesa - Not sure how to say it, but its the truth. Looks nice, but crime rates and schools are worse because of diverse population(ie: not many white people) living in the area. Some talk of gang activity, although I never saw anything. Looked like a safe place, and we were in the area probably once a week. However, lots of locals warned us not to buy there. Just food for thought.


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Hi there! You sure you want to join us out in SD? It is not a very Mustachian place to live...although if you are willing to pay the price of admission, you can't beat the lifestyle! Beach, desert and mountains all within a couple of hours.

I highly suggest checking out this site . It started as a San Diego real estate site, and lots of landlords and other smart people hang out on there, and can give you great advice.

We live in Carmel Valley, and do not have to deal with traffic at all, due to reverse commute (DH) and living extremely close to work (myself). It has the best schools but is very suburban/cookie-cutter/boring.

Would be happy to answer any other questions, feel free to PM me.


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Am renting in Carmel Valley. Schools are fantastic but rents are crazy. We got a 4 bedroom 2 bath for $3600 a month and the house is not even that nice. Basically the schools mean that people pay a premium to live here. I would not live in Carmel Valley if I were you. Carmel Mountain is much more reasonable. Or even Poway.


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Thanks for all the insights!
Will definitely check out

We are currently looking for short-term rentals in the University City area - we stayed there with friends when we visited a few weeks back.  It was very nice.

Would love to be closer to the coast to take full advantage of the climate.
A cool breezy constant 75'F sounds about perfect.
We are both done with the hot/sticky 95'F+ summer days in the north east.

How much of a climate difference can I expect between something close to the coast (CV) vs something more inland (Rancho Penasquitos / Bernado)?
80F vs 90F in the summer?  I've heard to expect about a 10F difference?

Mira mesa is certainly out - it just gave us a weird vibe when driving through.  But of course it is much much cheaper (~500k).
CV is indeed nice, but it looks like most single-family homes break the 1M mark...ouch.

Thanks again for all the tips - I am sure I will have more questions soon :)

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I grew up in University City and still go back to visit my parents.  Centrally located, with good access to both the 805 and 5 freeways, 15 mins from La Jolla and the beach, it's convenient and family friendly.  I really like the neighborhood, but yeah, if you're not used to SoCal prices it's steep for what you get.  Larger houses run 750-800K last time I looked.  UC isn't a big community so it will be easy to see if there's something you can afford.  There's also a decent amount of Condos/Townhomes especially if you head towards University Town Center, a large outdoor mall.  I don't know what their shortest lease is though.

In land, like Poway, is cheaper but noticeably hotter, especially in summer.  You're basically getting into the desert so +10 degrees sounds right.  East of the 805/163 means you like dry heat.


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With climate change, your desired constant 75 degrees might be a thing of the past. We have 80 every day this week and we live just a couple miles from the beach and it is only February :/.