Author Topic: Researching rental markets  (Read 972 times)

Lan Mandragoran

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Researching rental markets
« on: June 15, 2017, 09:27:54 PM »
How do you guys go about researching things like rental demand?

I haven't had to do it a lot yet but my next buy may be in a less sure fire market.

To elaborate a bit and share some of my findings, I've noticed a large amount of rental apartment's getting built in my city (Lawrence KS), and it may be prudent to do some research.  I've considered Zillow rent's, craigslist ads, that site, (1+ for Cozy) that site   etc.... they are generally good for finding out what rent should be though and somewhat poor at finding out what the actual demand is (for example can I buy a 3bed 2bath single family home on the west side of town and expect it to be renting in a month).
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