Author Topic: Real Estate Prices -- Townhouses in South Florida  (Read 673 times)


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Real Estate Prices -- Townhouses in South Florida
« on: September 07, 2016, 08:44:39 AM »
Less than a year ago I bought my 3-bdrm townhouse for a hair above $100K (which was built only 10 years ago, by the way) ... so how is it that now a similar plot of land (only two complexes down, on the same side of my street, overall size of the community approximately the same) is being developed where they plan on offering 2-bdrm for around $200K and 3-bdrm at $240K+?  I know they'll have garages and mine doesn't ... and I'm guessing it will have more of a "luxury" feel ... but GEEZ.  Why, oh why?  What is so special about having a brand-spanking-new place that would justify the cost differential?  Why are people willing to shell out such a high price tag where it doesn't make financial sense?  And why couldn't they charge something more reasonable so I could afford to buy it?  :-/