Author Topic: Please help! I need to apply for FHA condominium recertification??  (Read 642 times)


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I am the new president of our condo board, and my major task this summer is to get our condominium FHA recertified.

Our current certification expires July 23. I can see that there are third party channelers who will take on the recertification for you for around $800, but surely there must be a way to submit a recertification application to HUD directly? Alas, I cannot for the life of me find information on HUD's website on how to do this.

I've emailed the previous president to see if he can help me, but thought I'd put out a cry for help here too - anyone able to point me int he right direction?

This is the checklist that I found:

But I can't find a page outlining how to submit the package, guidance on any fees, etc.

Thanks in advance.