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Newbie Sell or Rent Case
« on: July 10, 2017, 08:28:14 PM »
Hi everyone, newbie here looking for advice. Thanks in advance for any help.
Want specific info related to your situation?

Make sure you include the following information so we have the correct numbers to help you.

Market Value: 70,000
Original Purchase price:120,000
Original Mortgage Amount: 120,000
Interest Rate: 6.137
Mortgage Term: 30 years
Term remaining: 18 years
Amount remaining on mortgage: $58,228
Gross Rents: $900/month
Principal and Interest (the P&I of your PITI - should match with the above info): 585
Taxes and Insurance (the T&I of your PITI): 179
HOA costs:0
Deferred maintenance notes: 1980s home needs general updating.
Anything else special or unique in regards to the numbers of the property (not the property itself; things such as city assessments, back taxes, special costs due to unique features of the property, etc. etc.): not really, currently rented out. can provide background info but would like to see some advice based on just the numbers. thanks!